BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Robert Petersen, the host of podcast Notorious Bakersfield, joined 17 News at Sunrise to speak about the successful true-crime podcast that dives into local incidents spanning deep into the region’s past.

Although true crime heavy, Petersen hesitates to fully embrace that label, he said during the interview, citing the podcast’s coverage of other calamities such as the 1960 train crash in Rosedale which left 15 dead.

The podcast host spoke about what inspired him to embark on this project and what his findings have revealed to him about the fabric of the Bakersfield Community.

Petersen also spoke about his current Halloween Tour, which is available for the entirety of October. This annual offering is a self-guided audio tour that take you to the scenes of crimes and spooky Bakersfield locations.

The podcast, Notorious Bakersfield, has a new episode each Tuesday. Full episodes as well as more information about the podcast and the Halloween Tour can be found at