Executive director for the Blue Zones Project-Bakersfield, Kiyoshi Tomono, joined 17 News at Noon to invite the community to find out their ‘real age’ by taking take the RealAge test.

Taken by more than 45 million people to date, the scientifically-based survey shows you the true age of the body you’re living in compared to your biological age. The test offers over 100 questions based on factors such as nutrition, physical activity, sleep, existing medical conditions and stress that can contribute to a person’s longevity.

After completing the survey, RealAge provides an immediate estimate of the body’s age and offers insight and helpful tools on how to make positive changes that benefit both the individual and the community.

According to Tomono, the test is an evidence-based practice. It stems from the Framingham study conducted in the 1940s that was trying to find the linkage between cardiovascular disease and early death. The study ultimately concluded that cholesterol and high blood pressure are a high threat for humans.

In 1993, the study was revisited to determine if there was a better predictor of what humans’ real age and longevity looked like. Scientists began adding questions that you normally don’t get at a doctor’s office, including whether participants have a purpose when they wake up or a spouse that takes care of them. Asking these questions gave scientists a better predictor of how long and how well people will live.

If you feel unsecure answering some of the personal questions listed in the app, fear not! The RealAge test information is all HIPAA compliant. The Blue Zone Project will be using the information to set a baseline and measure how well Kern residents are living long-term. All the information will remain anonymous, according to Tomono.

It is free and open to the public. You can take the test here.