BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Most parents have dealt with bed-wetting in some form, and most can agree that it can be extremely frustrating. But how can a parent know if the occurrence may be indicative of a medical issue that needs to be addressed?

Local pediatrician, Dr. Nimisha Amin, joined 17 News at Sunrise to talk about the condition that effects approximately five to seven million children in the United States. Up to 10% of 7 year olds are still having accidents at night.

Bed-wetting can last years after a child is potty-trained, according to Dr. Amin. If your child is fully potty-trained, yet hasn’t been able to figure out how to apply those skills at night, oftentimes it is fine to simply bring the concern up during regular visits with a pediatrician.

Some symptoms that may cause more reason to schedule an appointment with a pediatrician specifically for bed-wetting would be if the child has been dry at night and suddenly starts bed-wetting again without an obvious stress factor or is exhibiting other symptoms such as constipation, snoring, excessive thirst or increased daytime accidents.