BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Bakersfield Police Chief Greg Terry joined 17 News at Sunrise to discuss the ways that human trafficking is most often observed by the police department in Bakersfield.

Contrary to some depictions of human trafficking victims as small children being taken by strangers, Terry spoke about what the Bakersfield Police Department typically finds of victims of human trafficking.

“Locally, what we’re seeing is mostly adults, but we have had cases with juveniles anywhere between 12 and 17. We have not had any local cases involving very young children,” Terry said during the interview. “Very often, it is the vulnerable– mentally ill, drug abused, run-away.”

Human trafficking is a very prevalent issue in Kern County, according to Terry.

“It is way too prevalent because we have so many vulnerable people in a variety of different ways in our community and people are here taking advantage of them and moving them across the state,” Terry explained.

The Police Chief also spoke about the recent $6 million organized retail theft grant the Bakersfield Police Department has been awarded, as well as how the money will be spent.

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