BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Bakersfield Police Chief Greg Terry updates SUNRISE on efforts to curb violent crime and vandalism, why hiring remains a challenge, and how losing a former officer is still hard even if though they’ve left the department.

“There are deep ties to the police department and Kern County,” Chief Terry said of former BPD officer Andrew Peery who was recently killed in the line of duty as a deputy in El Paso County, Colo. “He is and will always be a member of the family.”

“It reminds you of the work that we do and it also reminds me to take the opportunity to be grateful for the men and women who leave their homes every day and every night and go into our community and serve.”

Terry said incidents like this are part of the reason they are having trouble hiring.

Terry said vandalism is down in Downtown Bakersfield. Terry said they are trying to work with the businesses to try and address the issues.

“Very often we find it’s one or two or three or four people responsible for numerous offenses,” Terry said.

Terry said the best thing is to have surveillance video available to help law enforcement catch those responsible.