Today is International Women’s Day and to help celebrate the occasion, is My Husbands Nuts, an almond company, owner Jenn Etcheverry stopped by 17 News at Noon to talk about being a business owner.

Etcheverry is not only an entrepreneur but also a mom, grandma and director of a non-profit. She never planned on starting an almond company, but it all came together by circumstance.

“I married a third generation farmer and we started farming almonds. At the time we planted our orchard, the market was at an all time high and when the profit starts to show, in three years, the market dropped to an all-time low,” said Etcheverry.

The company’s setback prompted her to ask her husband, “What do I have to do, sell your nuts for you?”

That joke lead to Etcheverry reaching out to different business people, gathering ideas and 20 years later the brand has expanded to 20 states nationwide.