BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Josh Proctor, with the Bakersfield Animal Care Center, joined 17 News at Sunrise to give an update on the dire situation at Kern’s animal shelters with hundreds of dogs euthanized every month due to lack of space.

BACC usually exceeds 200 dogs a week.

“It’s a sensitive topic, we’ve had to euthanize 184 dogs in October alone. We normally average about 200 [dogs] being euthanized a month. We were below average this month. But we are looking to peak as we got into November and December as adoptions usually drop off,” Proctor said.

Last month, BACC took in 584 dogs, a slight sigh of relief as the animal shelter usually exceeds 600 dogs a month and averages around 200 dogs a week.

One might think more space is the answer to the problem, however the only real way to stop killing dogs is to stop dogs from going into shelters in the first place, which requires responsible pet owners, according to Proctor.

He also talked about some of the causes why dogs run away from their homes and what pet owners can do to prevent their furry friends from roaming around town.

As the colder months approach, BACC is asking for bedding and blanket donations to keep dogs from getting sick. The shelter’s heating system warms the room but doesn’t do much in warming cold concrete floors.

If you would like to adopt a shelter pet, adoption fees are waived through the end of the year. Dogs of all ages are available. You can also drop off donations at BACC located at 201 S. Mount Vernon Avenue.