Ray Miller was not born in an oil field, but he got there not long after – he made his first successful sales call at age four. His actual professional career started in 1979 as an Engine Compressor Analyst with Creole Production Services.

His love for the business and industry propelled him to start his own company called Alpha Gauge and Instruments, Inc. (AGI) in 1991. AGI served the oil and gas industry with sales and service instrumentation controls and gas processing equipment.

The business grew remarkably successful and attracted the attention of GE Capital in early 2000 and was purchased by Weatherford Global. After the purchase, Ray stayed on as Sales Manager for the Bakersfield/Kern River region. In 2001, Weatherford was acquired by Universal Compression.

In 2006, Ray decided to invoke his entrepreneurial spirit to start his own firm again, calling it RFM Inc. RFM acquired Energy Link in 2007. Under Ray’s leadership, the new company grew by expanding its offerings and reach in California. A couple of years later, RFM acquired Delta Pump making the combined operation more robust and significantly more dynamic.

Ray is an affiliate member of several O&G associations, including the American Petroleum Institute (API), the International Society of Instrumentation (ISA), the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), and the Bakersfield Petroleum Club.

To learn more about Energy Link, visit energylink1.com