BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — In addition to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, many families tune in to another holiday favorite on Thanksgiving Day, “The National Dog Show.”

It returns for its 21st year with some new pupsters in play. In this competition, it pays to be pretty, but that’s not all the judges are looking for that at the dog show.

“They’ve got to be a pretty good specimen for their own breed,” explained David Frei, co-host and expert analyst. “That means they fit the standard, the written description of the ideal specimen of that breed, that’s usually written based on form and function and what the dog was originally bred to do.”

This year, there are 212 breeds competing for top honors. The Bracco Italiano is among three new breeds.

“They’re beautiful dogs. You can see this elegance in the head, you can see them in paintings in the Elizabethan era of all these dogs on their estates,” said Frei.

Hosts John O’Hurley and David Frei are back with the pack for their 21st year on the show. We asked O’Hurley how the funnyman makes a dog show entertaining for the average viewer at home.

“Sometimes we don’t have to do too much, the dogs take care of it themselves,” he explained. “They’ll do something funny in the ring or the handlers will do something. I can find something funny in pretty much anything.”

A lot of entertainment is promised on Thanksgiving Day as we celebrate man’s best friend.

“I always tell them when it’s all over, lean over on your couch and hug the dog sitting next to you because they’re your ‘best in show’ dog,” said Frei.

You can catch “The National Dog Show” on KGET Thursday at noon.