Riot Games, Netflix made magic with League of Legends series ‘Arcane’


BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (OPINION) — As a League of Legends fan, “Arcane” is something I have been wanting without even knowing it, until now.

Riot Games has taken its stab at a League of Legends based animated series that premiered over the weekend as a Netflix Original. One could say they made magic with this animated series. The first three episodes premiered on Nov. 6.

“Arcane” is focused around two of League of Legends iconic sisters and the struggle between the region of Piltover, a prestigious region of wealth, progressiveness and ideas, and Zaun, the undercity of Piltover where poverty, thievery, and grittiness thrives in its black market ridden and polluted streets.

Courtesy of Riot Games

For people coming into the series with little or no prior knowledge of League of Legends, the story is heartbreaking, intriguing, gritty, exciting, action packed, and easy to follow. Not to mention that the animation style is fresh and its cel shaded animation gives the series a comic book and TellTale Games type of feel.

While there are quite a few characters present from the game in these episodes it mainly focuses around sisters Vi and Powder, who will later become known as Jinx, as the episodes keep hinting at over and over again. By the end of the third episode the falling out between the sisters that follows the lore that was confirmed back in 2017 by Riot’s design director, Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street.

For those who are familiar with the game and its lore, there are plenty of recognizable items, people, and foreshadowing to make you grin from ear to ear in anticipation. The first three episodes are filled with so many wonderful hints at what is to come and who is to come. For example, Powder outplays Mylo in a shooting game while lying low with with Vi and Clogger after a messy burglary, which confirms her in-game shooting ability, while lacking in hand to hand combat.

The show does leave many wondering, who is Vander? Vander is the father figure to Vi and Powder and new to the League of Legends lore. Many people online are trying to determine if Vander is an actual League of Legends character, if any. The internet is leaning toward Warwick.

Courtesy of Riot Games

The artwork and animation is superb, voice acting was done very well, the soundtrack is fitting and overall “Arcane” has lived up to the hype. It might not just be for gamers, but anyone looking for a good animated TV series.

As of today “Arcane” has a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a 9.4 rating on IMBD.

“Arcane” is Netflix’s eighth most watched TV show as of today. You can watch the first three episodes on Netflix right now. The next three episodes come out Saturday and the final episodes on Nov. 20.

Courtesy of Riot Games

Riot has also launched the series with a way to gain in-game rewards just for watching, learn more here.

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