‘Parasite’ will definitely get under your skin


“Parasite” is in the running for a Best Picture Oscar.

A film that picked up multiple Oscar nominations tops new DVD and Blu-ray releases for Jan. 28.

“Parasite” Grade 4 stars: Filmmaker Bong Joon Ho (“Snowpiercer”) has created a masterful tale of what happens when members of a family struggling to survive manage to work their way into a wealthy household. What makes this film worthy of being nominated for a Best Picture Oscar is that it starts with a rather fun tone and then makes a 180-degree turn.

Talking about any of the twists would ruin the joy of watching this tale unfold. Just keep in mind that the world is never what it seems to be.

The cast includes Song Kang Ho, Lee Sun Kyun, Cho Yeo Jeong,  Choi Woo Shik, Park So Dam and Lee Jung Eun.

“Harriet” Grade 3 ½ stars: The film is based on the inspirational life of an iconic American freedom fighter Harriet Tubman. It chronicles her life escaping from slavery to her transformation into one of America’s greatest heroes.

Haunted by memories of those she left behind, Harriet (Cynthia Erivo) ventures back into dangerous territory on a mission to lead others to freedom. With allies like abolitionist William Still (Leslie Odom Jr.) and the entrepreneurial Marie Buchanon (Monáe), Harriet risks capture and death to guide hundreds to safety as one of the most prominent conductors of the Underground Railroad.

This is not only a superb entertainment offering but is a part of American history that needs to be told and retold.

“Terminator: Dark Fate” Grade 1 ½ stars: The best fate for this franchise is for it to end.

In one of the muddled possible storylines involving killer androids from the future, Sarah Connor again is called to action to aid in the protection of a young girl who may hold the key to a better world. They are constantly being hunted by a dangerous new Terminator.

The only plus is seeing Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger together again.

Also new on DVD and Blu-ray Jan. 28

“Motherless Brooklyn”: Lonely private detective living with Tourette Syndrome tries to solve the murder of his mentor and only friend.

“Battle of Jangsari”: Small, inexperienced battalion of student soldiers are tasked with liberating the strategic location of Incheon at a critical point in the Korean War. 

“Gregory’s Girl”: Desperate Glasgow school soccer coach reluctantly accepts a talented female player (Dee Hepburn) to be on the team.

“Nature: Bears”: A look at how from the mighty grizzly bear to “Paddington Bear” the creatures have long captured the human imagination.

“Ballers: The Complete Fifth Season”: Spencer (Dwayne Johnson) settles into retirement and reflects on his past.

“The Great Alaskan Race”: True story of Leonhard Seppala (Brian Presley) and his champion mushing dogs, Togo and Balto.

“Dead Earth”: In a post-apocalyptic world, two young women cling to life in an abandoned resort. 

“The Merger”: A former star footballer turned social justice campaigner returns to his home town and is persuaded into coaching the town’s struggling Australian Rules Football team.

“Let’s Scare Jessica to Death”: Woman seeking mental peace is pulled into a world of madness.

“Body Parts”: Tale of a medical experiment gone very wrong. 

“Very Bad Things”: The Peter Berg film is being re-released.

Being released on Digital HD on Jan. 28

“Arctic Dogs”: Animated tale of the efforts by Swifty the Arctic Fox to save the Arctic. Will be released on DVD and Blu-ray Feb. 4.

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