BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Yes, there is an extensive menu of submarine sandwiches at Baja Subs Market & Deli, a convenience store west of the 405 in Northridge. You could grab a turkey sub, chips and a Pepsi and be perfectly happy, but you’d be missing the point.

What Baja Subs excels in is Sri Lankan food, spicy curries and biryanis that will have you wiping your forehead as you shovel in another bite.

On a recent trip, I ordered a fish curry — choosing salmon instead of mackerel — served on top of rice nestled alongside a variety of equally spaced portions of well-spiced vegetables. It was a bargain at $17.

The order came with a bag containing several dried bright red peppers. The server told me Sri Lankans love spice — they eat fish curries with hot peppers for breakfast — but the dish already packed plenty of heat for my taste.

Kottu roti from Baja Subs Market & Deli.

I got an order of kottu roti to go. Diced flatbread stir-fried with lamb, vegetables and a boatload of spices, it was so enticing my brother and I quickly finished it off.