Warning: This article contains spoilers for Season 2 of “Cheer”

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — It’s been two weeks since the Netflix series “Cheer” took the world by storm with full-out performances and full-out drama.

The docu-series follows two competitive community college cheer teams out of Texas — Navarro Community College, from Corsicana, Texas, and Trinity Valley Community College, from Athens, Texas. The Netflix top 10 rated series manages to find a way to inspire, uplift, and reveal so much of what the sport of cheerleading is all about.

Studio 17’s Ilyana Capellan talked to Vontae Johnson, head coach of Trinity Valley Community College cheer team, about his experience being on the the show.

Since the release of the show, Johnson said the experience has been a rollercoaster continuing to push his athletes to want to be better on and off the matt.

“It’s been a good experience for the athletes to be able to show the world, you know, our side, you know, what it’s like to be a Trinity Valley athlete,” Johnson said.

Throughout the show, Johnson tried to maintain his composure as a down-to-earth and humble coach that pushes his athletes, as seen in possibly one of the most prominent statements in the series: “Don’t come to the valley just because you want to be famous.”

“When I said that statement, I was obviously saying it so that athletes understood the goal of coming to Trinity Valley. I don’t mind if you’re famous that has nothing to do with me. I’m okay with that,” Johnson said. “But your objective needs to be to come to be the best, come be the best in class, come be the best on the matt, and if you’re famous along the way that’s totally fine but your overall goal needs to be to come and be the best.”

The series lifts the veil between what society expects cheerleaders to be like, versus the reality of who these cheerleaders are. It shows what they go through on a daily basis and how cheer is often a safe space for these athletes.

Besides that, the show displays the work and training required to be a collegiately competitive cheerleader.

“There is another world behind just the sideline cheer and it’s not always going to be sunshine and rainbows,” Johnson said. “Sometimes you are going to have physical days; have days that are emotionally draining. But in the end, you get to go out and you get to put on a show for the world and show everybody how hard you work behind the scenes; behind the sidelines.”

The competition between the teams came down to a 0.1584 difference in Daytona. TVCC said they knew going into day two of Daytona nationals that they had to make up .75 points. And just because Navarro and TVCC are the only two schools in their division that doesn’t mean the competition is easy.

“It’s two of the best teams in the country, so it’s not like we just get some easy win or they get some easy win. It’s really a hard competition,” Johnson said.

January is early into Daytona season, so coach Vontae told Studio 17 Live that this week is all about mat tryouts for this year’s Daytona team.

“Don’t be afraid to push for things because you might not think you are good enough or you might not think that you can be on this team, but no one ever makes the team unless you try out,” Johnson said.

Johnson said rings are being delivered for last season and as far as what’s next for the series he was unsure if Season 3 of the show is in the cards.

“We’re just ready to put on another show,” Johnson said.

For more information on trying out for the team email, cheer@tvcc.edu. To keep up with all things “Cheer” and TVCC follow them on Instagram, and connect with Coach Vontae on IG as well.