‘Ellen’s Game of Games’ includes new games on a new night


(KGET) — “Ellen’s Game of Games” announcer Stephen “tWitch” Boss has been a fixture of the show from the start. The show is moving to Sunday nights and with it, new games and some of your old favorites too.

Boss says, you can expect the unexpected on Sunday.

“We actually set up a roller coaster in the studio and that is incredible. And, another one we have that is incredibly fun is ‘If I Could Turn Back Slime’ where we have three millennials that are racing against this big bucket of slime that is slowly turning … they have to figure out things like how to work a rotary dial phone or how to set the old alarm clock where you have to actually set the dial.”

You may remember a Bakersfield woman, Jennie Klassen and her daughter Camryn recently appeared on the show and took home $75,000. Once again there’s big money at stake on the show, and big laughs.

“You can expect a lot of fun, a lot of laughter and with us coming back with a fourth season. We’re just getting bigger and bigger,” he said.

Boss says, he and DeGeneres don’t get to try out the games on the show, although he would like to. You can watch “Ellen’s Game of Games” on its new night, Sunday at 8 p.m. on KGET TV-17.

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