BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — The Dutch cookies called stroopwafel are an irresistible treat.

Thin waffle cookies glued together by caramel syrup, they’re often placed on top of a hot drink to soften. By the time you bite into them they’re warm and practically evaporate.

Dunkin’, as part of its new seasonal menu, has introduced a stroopwafel doughnut — a tiny stroopwafel placed on top of its classic chocolate frosted doughnut. The cookie is a welcome addition, a blast of buttery goodness amid the frosting, bending at the slightest pressure.

It’s available now for a limited time, as are other seasonal offerings.

Salad-style breakfast burrito at Cafe Smitten.

Maddie Janssen did not grab a stroopwafel doughnut. Her meals, even her desserts, tend to be more calorie-conscious.

For breakfast at Cafe Smitten this week, she abstained from having her breakfast burrito wrapped in a tortilla, opting instead to have it “salad-style” on a plate with a mix of greens and sliced avocado accompanying scrambled eggs. It still looked great and packed plenty of protein to fuel her through the rest of a busy shift.