BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — It’s easy to see the appeal of patatas bravas, one of Spain’s most popular snacks.

Cubed and fried potatoes topped with a spicy sauce, crispy exterior giving way to a warm, soft center, it’s a dish that translates well to any culture.

An excellent version is served at Gasolina Cafe, a Woodland Hills establishment that opened in 2015 on Ventura Boulevard. They drizzle aioli atop the potatoes along with their “brava sauce;” it’s a nice touch.

Get revved up with a cup of coffee at Gasolina Cafe.

Signs for Triumph Motorcycles and steering wheels adorn the walls, an antique gas pump stands by the front door and mugs of strong coffee bear the image of a racing motorcyclist. A gearhead could happily pass an hour here sipping a cappuccino and examining the decorations.

Omelets, scrambles and churros with chocolate are available for breakfast. Lunch features sandwiches with serrano ham, grass-fed beef burgers and a “spring bowl” loaded with seemingly half a farmers market variety of grains and vegetables.

Pan tomate at Gasolina Cafe. Toast with tomato, garlic, sea salt and olive oil.

There are several toasts on the menu, topped with smoked salmon or avocado. I went for the one simply topped with tomato, garlic, olive oil and sea salt. You can add a slice of serrano ham or manchego cheese, but it’s perfect as is.