BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — There were grimaces and groans when I returned to the office with a couple Starbucks olive oil-infused lattes to share. I was about to walk into the news director’s office, but when I announced what I was carrying I received an immediate “no” and quickly reversed direction.

My colleagues were skeptical, to say the least.

Undeterred, I poured the 20-oz. Oleato caffe lattes into smaller cups and distributed them among several brave volunteers. Their reactions, on the whole, were positive.

“I was apprehensive about trying this beverage, but it was surprisingly mild and pleasant,” said Sheila Sullivan. “There is a definite creaminess and nutty flavor to it — which may not appeal to all coffee drinkers, especially those who like their coffee plain.”

Luis Garcia found the drink to be particularly smooth.

“Tastes like a hint of almond milk or macadamia coffee creamer,” he said.

I’m half-Italian — I could drink olive oil straight out of the jar. It practically runs through my veins. Pairing coffee with olive oil posed no issues for me; I thought the taste was fine, the texture silky smooth.

But I’m also a creature of habit. I’ve taken my coffee with a splash of cream, no sugar, for about two decades. An Oleato drink makes for an interesting choice in caffeine consumption, but, at least for me, only an occasional one.