BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Taco Bell’s discontinuation of its popular Mexican Pizza in November 2020 sparked an uproar among loyal fans of the crunchy, saucy, multiple-napkins-necessary item.

Upon hearing the news, a friend’s mom said, “What the hell is Taco Bell thinking?”

I believe that was the sentiment of many missing their fast-food favorite.

Fans clamored for its return. More than 200,000 people signed a petition asking the restaurant to bring back those crispy tortillas layered with beans, sauce, beef, tomatoes and cheese. It can be ordered vegetarian.

In April, Taco Bell not only announced the Mexican Pizza was returning, they provided the date it would be available nationwide.

And friends, that day is today.

A small crowd formed in the office as soon as I returned from the Taco Bell at 23rd and H streets. On this particular lunch run, I knew to bring enough to share.

Even those who had never tried it were pleasantly surprised.

“It was good,” said meteorologist Elaina Rusk. “Now I know.”

And for those, like myself, who are longtime consumers, it was like greeting a friend returning home after spending a couple years out of state. There weren’t tears, but it was strangely emotional.

As the classic Peaches & Herb song says, reunited and it feels so good.