SAN GABRIEL, Calif. (KGET) — Tired of pancakes? Take a drive south to the San Gabriel Valley and treat yourself to a breakfast popular in Hong Kong.

There are many restaurants in the SGV that serve congee — rice porridge — for breakfast. I recently had the silky-smooth version offered at Tam’s Noodle House in San Gabriel. The pork meatballs were great. You can also get it with chicken (bone in or out), beef, seafood, offal or simply the porridge itself.

Pork congee, Tam’s Noodle House

The breakfast special comes with two sides. I chose a pineapple bun and dark soy sauce chow mein.

The bun — which contains no pineapple and is named for the shape of its top — was the star of the meal, served warm and with a generous pat of butter. I could have devoured several of them.

Dark soy sauce chow mein, Tam’s Noodle House

The noodles were your basic chow mein: a plate of salty, satisfying carbs.

Get a cup of Hong Kong-style coffee. It comes with condensed milk for sweetener.