BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — The consomme served with birria is my favorite part of the meal.

Earthy, intense and so flavorful I use it not only to drizzle on the meat or dip tacos, but sip it straight from the cup.

At the Birrieria Los Patroncitos truck, when my order of goat meat with corn tortillas on the side was ready last weekend they handed me a plate of food — and an empty cup. Did they forget my consomme? How dare they!

Actually, the mistake was mine. I didn’t realize Los Patroncitos lets you serve yourself from two 5-gallon beverage dispensers, one containing goat consomme, the other beef. All you could possibly need, unless you wanted to swim in the stuff, which sounds kind of appealing.

They also have plenty of diced onions, lemons and a potent red salsa.

Check Los Patroncitos’ social media pages for times and locations.