BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — This week on Best Eats, 17 News reporter Christian Galeno tells the story of his long-planned visit to a restaurant in Delano serving a decidedly odd item, a mashup of Italian and Mexican cuisine he found delicious: fettuccine Alfredo with carne asada.

In Galeno’s words:

“When I first moved to Kern County, I began searching for all the best eats I could possibly find. A quick search through food blogs and articles highlighting the Mexican food scene that has survived and thrived in the San Joaquin Valley, I found an article by LA Times columnist Gustavo Arellano where he recommended that the one thing you need to try when in Kern is the carne asada fettuccine Alfredo at Taqueria Tampico.

“When an assignment took me back to Delano, I had to stop by Taqueria Tampico and try this unusual (but delicious) combination. The picture might not do a lot of Justice, but the generous amount of carne Asada is flavorful and juicy. Top the fettuccine smothered in Alfredo sauce with the pieces of tender meat and you will forget that chicken is synonymous with fettuccine Alfredo. So if you’re ever in Delano stop by Taqueria Tampico, I paid about $16 for this but it was well worth it!!”