Best Eats: Coca-Cola with Coffee


BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — I’ve never poured Coca-Cola into a cup of coffee, or vice versa. There didn’t seem to be any need. Both are fine separately, each providing its own particular caffeine kick.

So I put off trying Coca-Cola with Coffee canned beverages, believing the combination unnecessary and likely not very good.

But during a recent trip to Albertsons I saw them offered two for $4 and figured, what the heck, I’d give it a try.

I was pleasantly surprised. The two cans I drank — one a Dark Blend and the other Vanilla — weren’t a ghastly blend of metallic-tinged bitterness, but packed that classic Coke flavor with a legitimate coffee aftertaste. There are Coke Zero versions for those watching their sugar intake.

Pickle and Green Apple Jalapeno sodas from Rocket Fizz.

If you’re looking for soda that veers into the truly bizarre, check out Rocket Fizz on Ming Avenue. The Rocket Fizz website shows bottles of Butter Soda, Dirt Soda and, ahem, Unicorn Yack.

I sampled Pickle-flavored and Green Apple Jalapeno sodas.

I love pickles. I’ve drunk pickle juice before. But I couldn’t handle this. It had an intense vinegar flavor that I could have managed on its own, but it also was sickly sweet. A couple sips was all I could take.

The Green Apple Jalapeno was better. If you’re feeling brave, give them a try.

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