BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Butter sits in a small container on one end of the plate, syrup on the other. Between them, four boneless pieces of fried chicken, lightly dusted with powdered sugar, perch on segmented waffle pieces.

It’s a beautiful plate of food. How you approach the actual eating is up to you.

The decor in Mimosa Cafe highlights — you guessed it — mimosas.

Pick up a piece of fried chicken and dip it in syrup? Go for it. Butter the waffle pieces then drench both them and the chicken with syrup before going in with a knife and fork? That’s fine, too. You’d prefer no syrup on your chicken? Eat it first, then attack the waffles.

However you consume them, the chicken and waffles served at Mimosa Cafe are worthy of attention.

Sausage, eggs and roasted red potatoes at Mimosa Cafe.

On a recent morning, I sat down to that spectacular dish as well as a big plate of eggs, sausage links and roasted red potatoes that perked up with the addition of Tabasco sauce. The coffee is good, and the waitstaff keeps the refills coming.

Service was pleasant and the kitchen was highly efficient. It seemed like not even 10 minutes had passed before my order was in front of me.

A friend raved about the mimosa flights — choose any three of the 10 mimosas on offer — for a boozy breakfast. Take an Uber or designate that friend who’s only drinking coffee to get you safely home, and indulge in a lemon, pineapple or even a Bloody Mary mimosa.