BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Upon hearing In-N-Out Burger Burger is opening in Delano, 17 News assignments editor Mason Rockfellow made a beeline to the Rosedale Highway location.

He couldn’t wait to get his hands on some animal style fries, the “not so secret” item covered in sauce, cheese and grilled onions.

Another staffer had never heard of them. We’re now questioning his bona fides as a longtime California resident.

Rockfellow, in addition to fast food purchases, has also been cooking up a storm at home.

Chicken drumsticks with mashed potatoes and baked beans; chicken and asparagus; eggs and toast; and steak fajitas. Straightforward, good cooking, the types of meals that can be quickly whipped up and satisfy the family.

And relatively healthy, too. Certainly more vitamins than a burger and fries.

“None of this food is extravagant, they are just simple meals that taste good,” Rockfellow said. “The In-N-Out was just for fun. Gotta love those animal style fries.”

Rockfellow, who has consistently sent items to Best Eats, is back with a vengeance.

We eagerly await his future submissions.