BAKERSFIELD, Calif., (KGET) — The Golden State has a lot to offer, no matter where you go, you are guaranteed an entirely different experience. Each region of California not only have its signature scenery, but also its unique community and slang words.

How does Californian slang match up against other states? A study by WordFinder, collected data from Ahrefs and Goolge adwords to discover the popular slang terms used today in California.

Pet names

People use thousands of different pet names for their loved ones, but “Buttercup” is the most common in California.

Other notable pet names for loved ones include:

  • Babe – Alaska, Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Nebraska, Nevada, North Dakota, Utah, Washington, Wyoming.
  • Gorgeous – Florida Hawaii, Michigan, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina Tennessee, Virginia.
  • Big Daddy – Arizona, Iowa, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Wisconsin.
  • Baby Doll – Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, West Virginia.
  • Precious – Alabama, Delaware, Georgia, Mississippi.
  • Sweet Pea – Connecticut, Maine, Montana.
  • Homeboy – Maryland.
  • Hermoso – New Mexico and South Dakota.
  • Main Squeeze – Louisiana
  • Papi Chulo – Oregon
  • Queen Bee – Vermont
  • Sweetie Pie – Missouri
  • Sweetcheeks – Massachusetts
  • Shorty – New Hampshire
  • Gem – New York

Dismissal terms by state

  • In most states, an employee won’t be “fired” but will instead be “let go.”
  • Employee’s in Alaska, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont and Wyoming are “canned.”
  • In Arizona and Montana, however, workers are “sacked.”

Ways to say you’ve been drinking by state

  • A majority of states use the term “loaded” when they’ve had more than a responsible amount of alcohol.
  • Hawaii, Iowa, Utah, Vermont and Wisconsin get “buzzed.”
  • Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Minnesota use “blasted.”
  • Alaska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey and North Dakota are “blitzed.”
  • New York refers to drinking as getting “smashed.”
  • Rhode Island residents use “plastered” after a night of drinking.
  • While Washington turns to the term “blotto.”