(NBC) — “America’s Got Talent” moves into its next phase Tuesday with the start of its live shows.

Spots for performers in next month’s finale will be on the line as the competition continues, and usually, by the time the “AGT” live shows start, judge Howie Mandel has a pretty good hunch about who will wind up winning. However, this season it was a tougher call.

“In my mind, there are six different acts that are worthy and could possibly win,” said Mandel.

Part of that is because everyone has only performed once so far. The Golden Buzzer acts made an early impact, but they face the challenge of topping themselves and doing it live.

“Each and every one of these people acts as a hope and has a dream,” said Mandel. “So when you talk about pressure, there isn’t even a word to describe what they must be feeling.”

Eleven acts will perform each of the next five weeks on the same Pasadena stage where they auditioned, but just two acts will advance each week to next month’s finals. And America will choose them all.

“Anytime I can hand off the responsibility of somebody else saying, ‘No,’ I’m thrilled,” said Mandel.

And Mandel is hoping there are more thrills to come starting Tuesday.

“There’s only one, one act, one million dollars that will go on and perform in Vegas, and America this is going to be your toughest year yet,” he said.

The performers will be aiming to make that choice as tough as possible.

Watch “America’s Got Talent” Tuesday and Wednesday at 8 p.m., and it is followed both nights by the return of “Password,” with Jimmy Fallon and host Keke Palmer. “Password” debuts tonight at 10 p.m.

About “America’s Got Talent”

“Americas Got Talent,” judges include Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel and Sofia Vergara. Terry Crews is the show’s host.

Undiscovered talent of all ages — singers, dancers, magicians, comics, musicians, ventriloquists and more — appear before celebrity judges who decide which contestants move on in the competition each week. With the guidance of the show’s host, the audience learns the backstories of these amazing people as they strive to make it to the finale, where one talented performer wins a life-changing $1 million prize.

“America’s Got Talent” was created by Simon Cowell and is co-produced by Fremantle and Syco Entertainment. Simon Cowell, Sam Donnelly, Jason Raff, Trish Kinane and Richard Wallace are the executive producers.