Over Kevin McCarthy’s 16 years of political dominance as a Bakersfield Congressman, many have tried to stand out in the hopes of taking his seat.

Perhaps none quite like James Davis (R).

“I’ve been using the Deviant because that’s my new moniker,” he said. “It is my brand in a lot of ways, DeviantforCongress@gmail.com, DeviantforCongress.com.”

The 36-year-old was born in South Carolina and moved to Bakersfield at 16, attending both Taft Union and Bakersfield High Schools.

After getting his GED, Davis worked at the Kern County Hall of Records and as an oil landman.

He said he previously ran for congress against McCarthy in 2018. That campaign was derailed, he said, when he found out his fiancé was having an affair. His emotional reaction went very public which led to backlash.

Davis filed his candidacy paperwork with the name Deviant, however, he said the Secretary of State, Shirley Weber, rejected that and he will be on the ballot as James Davis.

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