‘Warning’ star Alex Pettyfer loves science fiction genre

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Alex Pettyfer stars in the new science fiction film “Warning.” (Photo courtesy of Lionsgate)

There is a very good reason Alex Pettyfer has starred in science fiction projects such as “I Am Number Four,” “The I-Land” and “In Time.” He has been a fan of these types of works since he was a youngster seeing films in the genre made by the likes of Steven Spielberg and John Carpenter.

“I genuinely like the science fiction genre,” Pettyfer says. “I was such a fanboy of those films that when I started acting, I gravitated toward those types of projects. It all comes from a childhood obsession.”

He’s continuing to feed his passion with his latest production, “Warning.”

The film offers a look at the meaning of life through a variety of different people living in the not-too-distant future. It explores the repercussions that humanity faces when omniscient technology becomes a substitute for human contact. Life begins to unravel when a global storm causes electronics to go haywire, leading to terrifying, deadly consequences.

The film will be available through digital platforms starting Oct. 22 and will be released on Blu-ray and DVD October 26. 

Life and death are a major theme in the thread of the film featuring Pettyfer. His character faces the most extreme questions in a person’s life during what was supposed to be a quiet dinner party for his parents and the love of his life to get together.

“There comes a point in time where technology and artificial intelligence become a dangerous intersect in our lives,” Pettyfer says. “It looks at how we use technology to the best of our abilities to cure disease and help us with certain elements of our life. But, where are the boundaries that we stop at?”

One of the things Pettyfer likes about the science fiction genre is how it often stimulates conversations. In the case of storyline, the good and bad of technology are definitely a matter to debate,

Pettyfer explains that as a 31 years old, he falls on that line of a world ruled by technology. He understands the role of technology in his life but doesn’t fully embrace it.

“I do enjoy what social media can present to you in getting a community together or spreading the word. I think being mindful of technology is something that I’m grateful for but nothing past that,” Pettyfer says.

When asked if working on a project that delves so deeply into what are some of the biggest questions and mysteries of life caused him to think more about life and death, Pettyfer opts to borrow a quote from Keanu Reeves. He says that when Reeves was asked his view on what life is all about, the actor replied that all he knows is that when we are gone, our loved ones will miss us.

That’s the kind of thinking that was stimulated for Pettyfer while working on “Warning.” Although he’s a big fan of those kinds of movies, Pettyfer also made movies in other genres.

The British actor and model got his big break when he was cast to play Alex Rider in the 2006 film version of the teen spy action offering “Stormbreaker.” That film earned him a nomination for a “Young Artist Award.”

Since then he has starred in “Magic Mike,” “Elvis and Nixon,” “Endless Love” and “Beastly.” Pettyfer has even been a voice talent for the animated series “Family Guy.”

His acting work came to a stop during the pandemic but he was able to keep busy by writing several scripts and focusing on the projects he wanted to make through his production company once the quarantine was lifted. Pettyfer’s company is getting ready to produce its third film, “The Chelsea Cowboy,” since production started again.

Don’t look for Pettyfer to move from in front of the cameras now that he is working as a producer. His company is not only producing “The Chelsea Cowboy,” but he is starring in the story of a criminal who launches a successful acting career but can’t completely escape his past.

Pettyfer became interested in being able to split his time between acting and working behind the camera after directing the film “Back Roads.” He loved how much collaboration goes on with a film crew.

“When you are an actor, you are thinking on a single narrative. It’s a little on an egotistical front because you are focused on your character, your character’s journey,” Pettyfer says. “What I really love is collaborating with an entire team.

“Everyone has their creative integrity. Everyone has their ambition to make their best work. That unity I found really enjoyable.”

The bottom line is that Pettyfer loves the moviemaking process no matter which side of the camera he finds himself. In the case of “Warning,” it was in front of the lens to work in a genre he loves.

Along with Pettyfer, the cast of “Warning” includes Thomas Jane (“Deep Blue Sea”), Annabelle Wallis (“The Mummy”), Alice Eve (“She’s Out of My League”) and Kylie Bunbury (“When They See Us”).

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