BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Working on a television series being produced on the other side of the planet from a person’s home would seem like a great way for an actor to focus solely on the job. That has only been partly the case with Vinessa Vidotto who is one of the stars of the CBS drama “FBI: International.”

Vidotto has been able to focus on playing the mysterious Special Agent Cameron Vo who is part of the FBI team based in Budapest, Hungary, because it films in the distant location. But, the series is not only the biggest acting break for Vidotto but it is also the first time she has traveled outside the United States.

“It is not a distraction. We are constantly working,” Vidotto says. “It may not be a distraction because we are filming in Budapest – on live sets. So we kind of get to be in the environment and look around while we are doing our job so it is a great combination of the two.

“I really love being here. When I was on my winter break and went back to the United States, I missed coming back here.”

Details of her character slowly have been revealed in the series but the April 12 episode provides some of the biggest clues to her character’s background yet. Vo comes to the assistance of an old friend who has become the target of a local gambling boss.

The episode not only provides some backstory for the character but it gives Vidotto the chance to be at the center of an episode she describes as coming across like the movie “Ocean’s 8” because not only are there big action sequences but she also gets to dress up and go undercover.

“I get to fight. I get to shoot a gun. I get to be somebody else. I get to have more character development. I get to take the lead in this episode. I was thrilled when I saw the script because it is like a mini-movie,” Vidotto says. “It encompasses all the elements a typical spy movie would have.”

Part of being able to handle a spy story is making sure she looks like she can handle all of the weaponry. It has been a learn as needed process when it comes to firing a gun but she has become so proficient with a prop Glock handgun that when she went to the shooting range, the instructor was very complimentary with the way she handled the real weapon.

Vidotto laughs and explains that her aim was not as strong as her skills at holding the weapon but that’s not necessary when shooting a gun on a TV show.

As for the information revealed in the episode, it is part of viewers finding out about the character at the same time as Vidotto.

“I kind of take her character as she comes in each episode,” Vidotto says. “Sometimes I try to chain link things together with whatever is given. But, you never know as it could turn on a dime with whatever they want to write.

“I still think Vo at this point is still mysterious. She is a badass. She can have some attitude. She has structure to her life. She repeatedly says she does not date people in the bureau so you are like ‘What does she do on her own time?’ What was her past?”

Vidotto’s character is a slow revealing mystery but there is plenty known about the actress.  Growing up, Vidotto always had her heart set on becoming an actress. After being raised in Tucson, AZ, and graduating from the University of Arizona, she started her acting career.

Her previous television credits include a recurring role in “Lucifer” as Remiel, a powerful angel and one of Lucifer’s younger siblings. Additionally, she guest-starred in “Hacks” as Ivy, Marty’s new girlfriend,

Vidotto raves about both series. She loved being able to dress up in a warrior’s outfit for the character on “Lucifer” and fight with a spear in an abandoned mall and be part of the smartly written fun of “Hacks.” She loved working with the casts on both shows.

Now she is getting to work on a weekly basis with the “FBI: International” cast that includes Luke Kleintank, Heida Reed, Carter Redwood and Christiane Paul. Vidotto says the actors quickly bonded and continue to be together when they are not working.

The group is big on karaoke to the point Vidotto thinks they might be spending too much time singing together. But she is always ready to join the team for any activity because she sees them as all members of her family.

The series is part of a full night of shows on Tuesdays from producer Dick Wolf that also includes “FBI” and “FBI: Most Wanted.”