Despite the fact Victoria Moroles has starred in productions such as “Teen Wolf,” “Down a Dark Hall” and the vampire tale “Blood Relatives” she doesn’t want people to think she has a dark side. She prefers to look at it more as the kind of angst we all have.

“I am attracted to all kinds of work and my favorite thing is comedy,” Moroles says. “I think it is kind of ironic that I am always doing these things that are more on the horror side. Maybe there is this teenage angst I am needing to live out and I am just using it.

“I will say this, I do enjoy it.”

Angst is a big part of her role in the film “Blood Relatives” that will debut through the on demand service Shudder on Nov. 22. In the tale, Moroles plays Jane, a teenager who tracks down Francis (Noah Segan), a 115-year-old Yiddish vampire who has been roaming American backroads in his beat-up muscle car for decades.

It seems one stop on his roaming resulted in his being Jane’s father. Jane – who is half human, half vampire – wants him to teach her how to use her powers. He prefers the solo life.

The film – that is “Paper Moon” meets “Twilight” – has plenty of horror moments but there are also moments where Moroles gets to deal with some comedy.

“That was the goal. It is asking a lot of somebody of a genre that you don’t necessarily laugh at a lot but the goal was to not be taken seriously,” Moroles says.

“Blood Relatives” has horror and comedy elements. It also is a touching father-daughter story and could even be considered a coming-of-age tale. Jane is certainly at a point in her life where she is trying to figure out who she is, a difficult task when your parents are so vastly different.

The way Moroles approached the character was to understand that despite the fact Jane has some supernatural aspects, at her heart, she is just a teen dealing with the same kind of confusion and questions teens have faced for centuries.

“When I first read the script, I hadn’t read a father-daughter story like this in a while,” Moroles says. “On top of that, they are trying to be practical vampires in the world.”

Moroles was able to handle all of the elements because her acting resume is filled with a wide range of roles. She played Andie on the Disney Channel show “Liv and Maddie” while also starring in the Hulu comedy “Plan B” that she also directed. Other credits include ‘Never Have I Ever,” “Here and Now” and “Cloud 9.”

Working on “Blood Relatives” tested her acting skills as the movie was filmed in 18 days. A majority of the filming was done at night because of that whole vampires vs. sunlight situation.

“I come from a world of a lot of night shoots. I love it. I love being up at night. I worked on ‘Teen Wolf’ for a couple of years and I think we probably did nothing else but night shoots so I was used to it,” Moroles says.

“Steppin’ into the Holiday,” Lifetime, Nov. 25

Mario Lopez has always wanted to be part of a holiday movie that would feature a lot of dancing. He got his wish as both the star and executive producer of “Steppin’ into the Holiday.” His co-star, Jana Kramer, is also one of the executive producers.

“I had been wanting to work with Jana and the network (Lifetime) suggested we might be a fun pairing,” Lopez says. “It was everything that I wanted it to be and expected it to be.”

Lopez plays former Broadway star Billy Holiday who returns to his hometown for Christmas after being abruptly fired as the host of the TV series “Celebrity Dance Off.” He encounters Rae (Jana Kramer), the owner of the local dance studio where his 12-year-old nephew is her standout student.eudent.

Rae is planning a Christmas dance recital fundraiser with the goal of taking her students to see a Broadway show in New York. Bill volunteers to help Rae with the recital by reviving the town’s traditional Christmas Eve show. 

Kramer was excited about the project both because she would get to work with Lopez and because she wanted to work as an executive producer. The dancing part of the project was her only concern.

“They said that you used to be on ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ But, I said that was so long ago,” Kramer says. “So I was freaked out about all of that.

“But Mario graced us all with all of his moves and I just tried to get in the shadow a little bit.”

Kramer was a contest on season 23 on “Dancing with the Stars” in 2016 finishing in fourth place. She’s better known for acting with roles on “One Tree Hill,” “Entourage” and multiple Christmas movies. She’s also found great success in the music world with two album releases that produced seven singles that charted.

This is the latest in a string of movies Kramer has made with Lifetime. She loves working with the cable network because they understand family comes first to her. That’s why she is happy to show up every year to be part of the company’s annual slate of holiday films.

Upcoming holiday films for Lifetime also include “Baking All the Way” on Nov. 24 and “The 12 Days of Christmas Eve” on Nov. 26.