Trevor Tordjman joins cast of Disney Channel’s ‘Bunk’d’

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Miranda May (left) and Trevor Tordjman star in “Bunk’d.” (Photo courtesy of ABC/Disney)

(KGET) — Camp Kikiwaka has a new addition. Trevor Tordjman – a familiar face to Disney Channel fans from “Disney Fam Jam” and “Zombies” – is joining the cast of “Bunk’d.” He arrives as the family-friendly comedy series has just started its fifth season.

Tordjman plays the new co-owner of the summer camp that has been under the watchful eye of Lou Hockhauser (Miranda May), a former camp counselor who is now owner of the struggling summer camp in rural Maine.

The addition of Tordjman to a cast that already had worked together for four seasons made him feel a lot like being the new kid in a real summer camp. But, he found the process to be painless because the cast and crew members were so welcoming.

“They were all so excited and I was so pumped after having watched the show and laughed out loud at it,” Tordjman says. “Coming on set, I had a mixed range of emotions. I was a bit nervous, a bit overwhelmed but really excited.

“At the end, my cheeks hurt from smiling so much.”

Tordjman’s desire to be accepted by the “Bunk’d” cast reflects the character he is playing. He describes Parker as a person of many layers who just wants to be liked and accepted. Each episode will show how Parker is learning the value of making friends.

Any nerves Tordjman felt were gone by the filming of the second episode. What helped him was a combination of getting to play a high-energy character (much like his own personality) and that he had spent five seasons on the Canadian TV show “The Next Step.” That gave him a familiarity with how series TV works.

Tordjman has been dancing – hip hop, breakdancing and tap – since he was 4 and his mother continues to run a dance studio. He has been able to combine his passion for acting and dancing in previous work including being the choreographer and performer in “The Next Step” Live World Tour. His acting roles include the series “Lost & Found Music Studios” as well as the TV movie “Full Out.”

Along with being one of the co-hosts of Disney Channel’s first family dance competition series, “Disney Fam Jam,” Tordjman played Bucky, Seabrook High’s head cheerleader, in the Disney Channel Original Movies “Zombies” and “Zombies 2.”

It was not in Tordjman’s contract that he would get to dance on “Bunk’d” but it was inevitable considering his background there would be places for him to show off his moves.

“I think deep down, no matter what, they knew I am going to throw a little groove in there,” Tordjman says. “I have to. I have been dancing my whole life and love it so much. I try to throw in little spins here and there.

“I am a very active person so I love the physicality of dance. But, I would say the thing I love most about it is actually performing in front of people. There’s no sensation like connecting with people. Making them laugh. Making them smile. It’s such an incredible feeling.”

The cast of “Bunk’d” also includes Mallory James Mahoney, Raphael Alejandro, Will Buie, Jr. and Israel Johnson. You can see Tordjman’s debut on “Bunk’d” at 7:30 p.m. Jan. 29.

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