Two boxed sets of seasons of television shows top this week’s new DVD and Blu-ray releases.

“DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: The Seventh and Final Season” Grade 3 stars This superhero series can never be accused of sticking to the standard good vs. evil format. The band of time-traveling heroes did occasionally use their super powers but more often than not, this series focused more on the relationships between the characters.

And the examinations often went in weird and wild ways. Doing an episode where J. Edgar Hoover gets replaced by a robot shows the outlandish nature of the series. That kind of plot means that those who want traditional superhero tales should try another offering.

The biggest complaint with the series finale is that the show ended with a massive cliffhanger. There are other superhero shows where the finale could be wrapped up but this may be a case where the ending remains a mystery for the ages.

The set includes all 13 epic episodes with special features including deleted scenes and a gag reel.

“Yellowjackets Season 1” Grade 3 stars: There have been plenty of movies and TV shows dealing with what happens when a group finds themselves fighting for survival in an isolated location. While most take a very linear approach to telling the tale, this Showtime series offers multiple views.

There is the story of how the teenage members of a soccer team must deal with the aftermath of a plane crash in a remote northern wilderness. That story is blended with a leap through time to see many of those same soccer players 25 years later. They are all dealing with (or in some cases not dealing with) what happened during their fight for survival.

Two sets of actors had to be cast – one to play the teen version and the other for the adult version. For example, Melanie Lynskey and Sophie Nélisse play the younger and older Shauna Sadecki while Juliette Lewis and Sophie Thather handle the two versions of Natalie Scatorccio.

This makes for a compelling tale of survival both on a physical and emotional level.

Also new on DVD and Blu-ray as of July 19

The Bob’s Burger Movie”: After a ruptured water main creates a sinkhole in front of Bob’s Burgers, Bob and Linda Belcher struggle to keep the business afloat.

“Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko”: Brash single mother Nikuko is well-known for her bold spirit, much to the embarrassment of Kikuko, her pensive yet imaginative daughter.

“SeaQuest DSV: The Complete Series”: The ‘90s NBC underwater adventure stars Roy Scheider.

“Adventures of Don Juan”: This 1948 film shows how Errol Flynn gained screen stardom portraying dashing heroes who clasped a sword in one hand and a maiden in the other.

“Invisible Valley”: The documentary looks at the stories of undocumented farmworkers, wealthy snowbirds and music festival-goers over the course of a year in California’s Coachella Valley.

Available on digital platforms

“He’s Watching”: When siblings Iris and Lucas are left alone while their parents recover from an illness, a series of playful pranks they play on each other escalate.

“Blowback”: A master thief who is sabotaged during a bank heist and left for dead seeks revenge on his former crew.