Sarah Bolger finds ‘Good’ role very intense at times

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There are scenes in the film “A Good Woman Is Hard to Find” where Sarah Bolger’s character is forced into an act of extreme violence. Despite the intensity of the scene, there were other moments in making the film that impacted Bolger more at the end of a day of filming.

“There are scenes in this movie that are on the graphic side,” Bolger says during a telephone interview. “There are scenes where I was covered in blood. Those didn’t affect me because myself and the director Abner Pastoll found some levity on the set. Otherwise, you would cry all day.  You just have to laugh.

“There were scene with Andrew Simpson – who plays Tito – that were more dangerous than violent. Those scenes lasted with me more than the obvious violence. You feel so vulnerable as a woman in those scenes.”

“A Good Woman Is Hard to Find” unfolds against the underbelly of Northern Ireland’s drug world.  Bolger – best known for roles in “The Tudors,” “Once Upon a Time” and “Mayan, M.C.” – plays a recently widowed mother of two young children. She’s desperately struggling financially, emotionally and psychologically to survive.

Her world is threatened when street thug Tito (Simpson) forces his way into her life. The young mother must make some life-changing decisions to protect herself and her children.

This is the latest acting role for Bolger where she plays a woman put in a situation with a dominating man where it is so intense it could break her. But, the characters Bolger has opted to play end up being strong women who fight back.

“Even in the novels I read, I always find myself gravitating toward woman who could be in a dynamic where they could fall apart,” Bolger says. “They could crumble under their circumstance, under the socio-economic background.

“But in the end, they prevail and I think that theme is far more interesting. The idea that against all odds, you prevail.”

“A Good Woman is Hard to Find” added another layer for Bolger to play as her character is a single mother. Bolger doesn’t have any children of her own but she was able to understand what it means to be a young mother of two.

Her way of playing the motherly role was to make her a person who would put herself in front of her two children no matter the danger. She found that a very interesting aspect to play.

All of the elements have earned Bolger high praise. After it debuted in the United Kingdom at FrightFest the film won five awards including Best Film and Best Actor. Bolger was also named Best Actress at Screamfest in Los Angeles.

“A Good Woman is Hard to Find” was shot at the same time Bolger was filming the first episode of the “Mayans, M.C.” She plays Emily Thomas in the FX series set in a post-Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam) world of “Sons of Anarchy” where the focus is on Ezekiel “EZ” Reyes (JD Pardo).

A third season has been ordered but no production date has been set because of the pandemic. Until the Irish actress can go back to work, Bolger has been playing “Dungeons & Dragons” online. Bolger laughs and says that she also has been annoying her neighbors with a lot of guitar playing.

Both “A Good Woman is Hard to Find” and “Mayans, M.C.” are heavy on drama. Bolger – who has often says she likes projects that are historical, magical or whimsical – got to do some lighter work recently appearing in the romantic comedy “We Broke Up.”

“We had so much fun on it,” Bolger says. “I never laughed so hard in my existence. With comedy, you just go home feeling light at the end of the day. You don’t come home crying from some cartel drama or someone kidnapped your baby.”

Bolger, 29, has bounced between films and television since she started acting when she was 8 years old. She has found strengths and weaknesses with both formats.

She loved how while making the cable series “The Tudors,” she got to see her character go through numerous changes as the show had several time jumps.

“It is interesting to play different versions of yourself because you figured it would never happen because you past that stage in your career and would never go back to playing someone who’s in their high school years,” Bolger says. “In films, with 90 minutes, you have to make it seamless because it is a shorter amount of time.

“Sometimes it can be really interesting to draw things out over seasons with a TV show.”

“A Good Woman Is Hard to Find” will be available on various digital platforms including On Demand starting May 8.

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