Rick’s Reviews: Hailee Steinfeld talks about playing Emily Dickinson

Rick's Reviews

I want to draw your attention to a very creative series on Apple TV+. “Dickinson” is the story of poet Emily Dickinson told with a modern touch.

I had a chance to talk with series star Hailee Steinfeld about playing the literary figure in such a unique way.

“We set out and we were all very clear from the beginning that this wasn’t an autobiographical piece. This was- we do take what we know of her life, the little that we do, and we interpret the rest, but through poetry,” said Steinfled.

Steinfled continued to say how relevant the show and how people can relate to Emily Dickinson.

“Alena Smith, our writer, has this ability to write the show when she does, right? Not knowing 2020 was going to be what it was but some how created a show that feels very relevant now having been in isolation,” Steinfled said. “This is a show about a girl who was in isolation and her work is incredible. . .”

The first season is available now on the streaming service and the second season launches Jan. 8 on Apple TV+. Check out Rick’s Reviews at KGET.com for more on this and other entertainment options.

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