BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — One of the best comic book-inspired movies is available on DVD and Blu-ray.

“Spider-Man: No Way Home” Grade 4 stars: Peter Parker’s world has been turned upside down after Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) revealed to the world that Parker is really Spider-Man. The fact his family and friends are suffering from their association with Spider-Man forces Parker to make a dramatic move. He enlists the aid of Doctor Strange to create a spell that will wipe out everyone’s memory that Parker is Spider-Man.

Things go from bad to worse when the spell doesn’t work properly. All it does is bring characters from other universes to one spot. They are both the worst of villains and the best of friends. The only criteria for being lumped into one universe is the person has to know Spider-Man’s secret identity.

A major part of why this film is so much better than the previous two falls on Tom Holland. He finally seems comfortable in the role and director Jon Watts (who helmed the previous two Spider-Man movies) shows more confidence by pushing his young actor into tough emotional moments.

Even the romantic relationship between Parker and MJ (Zendaya) has been allowed to grow past the uncomfortable puppy love moments. The trials their connection faces works because the love story has been allowed to grow and develop.

Director Jon Watts has spun a near perfect cinematic web with this third effort in the “Spider-Man” franchise.

“Warhunt” Grade 2 ½ stars: In 1945, a United States military cargo plane crashes behind enemy lines in the middle of the German Black Forest.  The job of securing the secrets on the airplane falls to Major Johnson (Mickey Rourke), a ruthless leader of men.

He sends his bravest soldiers – led by Sergeant Brewer (Robert Knepper) – on a rescue mission to retrieve the top secret material the plane was carrying. Joining the team is Walsh (Jackson Rathbone), a soldier who is a man of mysteries.

The soldiers soon discover hanged Nazi soldiers and other dead bodies bearing ancient, magical symbols. What started out as a military mission soon becomes a battle against supernatural forces.

The combination of elements of a war movie with horror is not a natural cinematic combination. But, this blend works well enough to make this an entertaining offering.

Also new on DVD and Blu-ray as of April 12

“My Sweet Monster”: After rebellious Princess Barbara flees the kingdom on the day she is set to marry Bundy, an evil postman, she meets Bogey, an odd, semi-human beast who is king of the wilderness. 

“Spiritwalker”: After waking up from a car crash unable to remember anything about his life, a man begins regaining consciousness in a new body every 12 hours.

“RoboCop”: A special two-disc limited edition, 4K Ultra HD version is being released.

“Chucky: Season One”: The demonic doll continues its evil ways with this cable series.

“Fabian: Going to the Dogs”: Man must deal with his own lack of success while his new partner sees her career explode.

“Italian Studies”: While visiting New York City, writer Alina Reynolds (Vanessa Kirby) inexplicably loses her memory and suddenly becomes adrift on the streets of Manhattan.

“C’mon C’mon”: The film follows the transformational relationship of Johnny (Joaquin Phoenix) and his young nephew (Woody Norman).

“Why Is We Americans?”: Newark’s narrative has been one of revolution with each generation picking up where the previous had left off.

Available on digital platforms

“Room 203”: After lifelong friends Kim and Izzy move into a quirky apartment one of them slowly becomes convinced that their new home may be haunted. 

“Father of Flies”: When a young boy’s mother is pushed out of the family home and replaced by his father’s girlfriend, he finds himself confronting terrifying supernatural forces.