New entertainment options come with real ‘Spirit’

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(KGET) — A reason to take the family to the movies tops this week’s new entertainment options.

“Spirit Untamed” Grade 3 stars: The new feature film is the next chapter in DreamWorks Animation’s franchise that began in 2002 with the Oscar-nominated film “Spirit: Stallion of Cimarron.” There was also an Emmy-winning TV series.

“Spirit Untamed’ doesn’t do a lot to move the franchise ahead but it also doesn’t hurt it. There’s nothing wrong with a film that features a strong female character, a subtle story about appreciating the animal world and embracing diversity.

Lucky Prescott (Isabela Merced) is a young girl who has grown up without her mother because of a tragedy. Lucky ends up going to a small town on the edge of the wide-open frontier to live with her father. She’s a wild spirit who immediately connects with a wild Mustang she calls Spirit. They form an immediate bond.

That friendship is threatened by a heartless horse wrangler who rounds up Spirit and his herd to sell them. Lucky must count on her friends to help her save the horses.

The film – under the direction of Elaine Bogan – is both simplistic in design and beautiful in its grandeur. There are some very small moments between friends that then give away to the beauty of wide-open spaces.

Those two elements combined with a family-friendly story makes “Spirit Untamed” a good addition to the “Spirit” film herd. It won’t lead the pack but doesn’t slow the franchise down.

The film is now open in theaters.

“Deadly Illusions” Grade 2 ½ Stars: This new release available through multiple digital platforms works because of the performance by Greer Grammer. She plays a young woman hired to take care of the children of a bestselling female novelist (Kristin Davis) who is suffering from writer’s block.

Grammer plays the role with enough mystery to make the character interesting at every turn. That was important because the story follows a standard plotline. There’s a slight twist at the end but not surprising for anyone who has seen any movies in this female-in-jeopardy genre.

New on DVD and Blu-ray

“Genndy Tartakovsky’s Primal: The Complete First Season”: Caveman and a dinosaur form an unusual bond.

 “Trigger Point”: A disgraced former secret agent is dragged back into the spy world when he is enlisted by his former partner to help find a missing colleague.

“Stray”: Three stray dogs go on journeys through Turkish society.

“Boogie”: Gifted basketball player living in Queens, NY, dreams of one day playing in the NBA. He must overcome several obstacles to make that happen.

“American Experience: The Blinding of Isaac Woodard”: Documentary tells of a little-known incident of racial violence by police that became a powerful catalyst for the civil rights movement. 

Available through digital platforms

“Spiral: From the Book of Saw”: Criminal mastermind unleashes a twisted form of justice. Chris Rock stars.

“Hamlet/Horatio”: William Shakespeare’s tale is told from the perspective of Hamlet’s closest friend and confidante, Horatio.

“A Space in Time”: A family struggles to deal with a fatal muscle wasting disease, Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

“It’s Not a Burden”: Adult children deal with the challenges and joys of caring for their aging parents.

“Brewmance”: Two groups of homebrewers are looking to open their own breweries and bring their beers to the world. Available through Amazon Prime Video.

“Long Live Rock…Celebrate the Chaos”: Documentary takes a close look at the culture of hard rock music.

“The Sound of Identity”: Documentary profiles international opera star Lucia Lucas’ performance at the Tulsa Opera.

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