Programming aimed at children is designed to be both entertaining and educational. The teaching part often includes discussions of numbers, letters and colors. It also often provides examinations of social issues from diversity to the acceptance of others who are different in some way.

The new Disney Junior series, “Firebuds,” is a fun action series about a group of friends – all children of first responders – who along with their talking vehicle sidekicks embark on a series of adventures while longing to save the day like their parents. That day will eventually come but for now, they need to learn a few life lessons.

“Firebuds,” from Disney’s Emmy Award-winning creator and executive producer Craig Gerber (“Elena of Avalor,” “Sofia the First”) debuts with a simulcast on Disney Channel and Disney Junior at 10:30 a.m. Sept. 21. An initial batch of episodes will premiere the same day through on-demand platforms and Disney+. 

Jazmyn, the character better known as Jazzy who is voiced by Disability Lifestyle Influencer Lolo Spencer, shows that even someone who has a physical challenge is as able as all of the other Firebuds. The Stockton native is a disability advocate who through her YouTube channel, Sitting Pretty, showcases her individual experiences, challenges and stories as a person who was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy.

Spencer stresses that the character of Jazzy is important to “Firebuds” for multiple reasons.

“One of the biggest reasons is for disability representation because I too am a disabled woman. I use a wheelchair because I have muscular dystrophy. So being able to show children who have disabilities [that] is very important because we don’t get the opportunity to talk about disabilities in general as adults.

“So, it is great to start at the children’s level so they can learn early how to be inclusive at an earlier stage. Seeing a character like Jazzy, with a disability, being very visible about her disability was very, very important.”

Spencer is happy that along with bringing attention to a person with disabilities, “Firebuds” shows that Jazzy is a smart, spunky, funny, determined and extremely capable person. It is exciting to Spencer to see how Jazzy is living her best life no matter the challenges.

The drive and determination Jazzy shows is a reflection of the life Spencer has been living since her diagnosis when she was 14. Spencer has built a global following through the Internet while finding time to do modeling work for companies such as Tommy Hilfiger and Adidas.

Her acting credits include “Give Me Liberty” and “The Sex Lives of College Girls.” “Firebuds” is her first big leap into voice work. Spenser knew she wanted to be a voice talent on the series as soon as she saw a sketch of Jazzy. She fell in love with this cute young girl with a mountain of hair and colorful fingernails.

Spencer worked even harder to be part of the “Firebuds” because the character’s disability was being represented. It’s another outlet for Spencer who has become a source for those with questions when it comes to talking about people with disabilities. Spencer’s been asked whether it is right to recognize the person has a disability or is that just a way of defining them by that part of their life.

“I always first encourage you to focus on the humanity of the person with the disability,” Spencer says. “If there is someone with a non-physical disability, you would just go up to them and have a normal conversation. But for some reason, when people find out there is a disability attached, the energy shifts. The conversation wants to shift.

“With me, I like to advocate for nothing shifting. We just remain in the humanity of people. Have the conversations you would normally have on any given day. The disability doesn’t have to be the only talking point.”

That’s the approach with “Firebuds” as there is no focus on the fact Jazzy is in a wheelchair. She’s just a little sister who can be annoying at times but helpful more often. How able Jazzy can be is shown through her actions rather than long speeches.

Along with Spencer, the cast of “Firebuds” includes Declan Whaley as Bo, Terrence Little Gardenhigh as Flash, Vivian Vencer as Violet, Lily Sanfelippo as Axl, JeCobi Swain as Jayden, and Caleb Paddock as Piston. Lou Diamond Phillips and Yvette Nicole Brown also star as co-fire chiefs, Chief Bill Bayani and Chief Faye Fireson, respectively.

Spencer continues to press forward in such an upbeat and positive manner there appears to be no obstacle that will stop her. That means the idea of how much she would love to see Jazzy included in any toy merchandising is something she is going to face with the kind of spunk and determination that would make Jazzy proud.