BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Most actors spend their lives chasing the next job. Then there are some – as in the case of Lauren Lane – who decide to leave the spotlight.

Lane had established her acting career with roles on “Hunter” and “L.A. Law.” It was the 145 episodes of “The Nanny” where she played C.C. Babcock that earned Lane celebrity status and what appeared to be the foundation for a career in front of the cameras.

That was more than two decades ago and since then Lane has not worked on a TV series or movie. She left the professional acting world to be a mom and work as an educator at Texas State University. Her fans only had the repeats of “The Nanny” to see her work.

That’s changing as Lane has signed on to be a voice talent with Wonkybot, the award-winning content company that has created such cinematic podcast series as “Tara Tremendous” and “Origins Unknown.” She can be heard in the company’s upcoming production, the eight-episode supervillain workplace comedy podcast “Almost Epic,” when it debuts in May.

The series will be available worldwide on all podcast platforms and ad-free with a subscription to the Wonkybot Channel on Apple Podcasts.

“The Wonkybot team are fabulous collaborators who welcomed my initial response to this outrageous character as a mix of Margo Channing and Bette Davis as Baby Jane,” Lane says. “I’m having such fun with them, the writing is excellent.”

The series from Stewart St. John with his Wonkybot partners Todd Fisher and Michael Plahuta is a cross between “Arrested Development” and the 60’s “Batman show.” Since it is an audio production, it is all those elements without the visuals.

“Almost Epic” centers around Dr. Ezekiel Epicopolis (St. John), a flamboyant, mad-scientist suffering from delusions of grandeur and crippling arrogance who uses his world-renowned laboratory as a front for his secret evil empire as he plots to take over the world. His desire to become the world’s most feared supervillain never materializes due to his inept schemes, dysfunctional crew of workplace misfits, and an overbearing mother who fuels his feelings of worthlessness as she plots to take over his business.

Lane will star as the voice of Epicopolis’ mother, the alcoholic, emotionally manipulative and hysterically acidic Mitzy Epicopolis. Her friends know her better as “Epic Mama.”

“I’m so excited to move forward with ‘Almost Epic’ and thrilled to welcome the incredibly talented Lauren Lane to the show,” St. John says. “Lauren is an amazing force of comedic energy who we all wanted to play this character, so when we approached her and she said yes it was a dream come true.”

The new series exists in St. John’s “Tremendous Universe”, a shared universe of superhero and sci-fi audio series being produced by Wonkybot Studios. St. John describes it as “a wild, edgy animated series — minus the animation.”

Wonkybot Studios launched in 2015 with the intention of creating scripted audio shows for kids and families. The Wonkybot programming is available through a new subscription channel exclusively on Apple Podcasts with the debut of Apple Podcasts Subscriptions.