Larry Wilmore launching new talk show on Peacock

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Larry Wilmore will share his views through a new talk show on Peacock. (Photo courtesy of NBC/Universal)

(KGET) — You can add another voice to the late-night rumble with the launch of “Wilmore” on the NBC streaming service Peacock. Emmy Award-winning producer, actor and comedian Larry Wilmore is bringing his voice to the crowd with a new weekly special series where new episodes will be available at 9 p.m. (ET) every Friday night.

Wilmore promises his looks at the election and other important issues will be done with a combination of humor and seriousness. The one thing that will never change is that each discussion will be real and honest.

“We’re going to have some interesting people in the show, and we’re also going to cover the election,” Wilmore says. “I felt like I got cheated the last time during the last election.  So it’ll be fun to cover that, and just weigh-in on the important issues in the culture right now.

“It’s going to be pretty simple.  It’s just pretty much going to be me and whoever the guests are kind of having that conversation with the guests and with America”

On the debut episode, those talks will be held with Megan Rainoe, Co-Captain, U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team and Two-Time FIFA World Cup Champion, and Cori Bush, Democratic Congressional Candidate (St. Louis, MO), Registered Nurse, Pastor and Community Activist.

This is not the first time Wilmore’s shared his views on the world through a television program. During his time on “The Daily Show” from 2006-2014, Wilmore was designated the “Senior Black Correspondent” and he hosted “The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore” in 2015 and 2016. The California native has hosted the podcast “Black on the Air” for the past three years.

Wilmore’s work has gone beyond the talk show format as he was the creative force behind “The Bernie Mac Show” and was an executive producer for the ABC’s ‘black-ish.”

Despite a career where he’s called on his comedy skills, Wilmore knows there is a time and place when it comes to dealing with issues.

“I think I’m capable of being funny.  But, look, it’s not a laugh-a-minute thing, too.  I mean, some things are a little weighty.  We just don’t know, but the key is it’s just going to be me with whoever the guest is and, you know, it’s going to be pretty simple,” Wilmore says.

His guests will represent a wide cross-section of interest. Wilmore will definitely talk politics because that is the one thing that has grabbed his attention the most since he was a youngster. That’s because politics opens the door to talk about everything from the economy to race.

But, Wilmore will be just as happy chatting about anything from sports to magic tricks to his dog Buster.

“I like talking about it all.  But many issues are important to me.  On my show we covered a lot of them,” Wilmore says. “I like to cover issues that involve an underdog and that kind of thing; stories that maybe we’re not covering or where there’s an underdog element to it.

“We talked a lot about the #MeToo movement kind of when it was just starting or before.  Like I think our second show we went after Cosby.”

Wilmore has big plans for his new show but he knows he’s working under some very tight restrictions. While other late-night talk show hosts are on multiple times during the week, Wilmore will have to say everything he needs to say in one night.

That’s a big challenge for Wilmore because he knows numerous big events will happen each day he’s not on the air. He points to President Donald Trump as an example.

“So many things happening all the time, and it comes so fast, too.  I mean, with Trump, there’s like three different things that contradict themselves in the span of a few hours, usually,” Wilmore says. “So we’re going to try our best.  There’s some things we’ll be able to plan ahead of time, but there’s going to be many times where we’re going to respond in the moment.

“Something that maybe happens that day or the day before or whatever.  So we’re going to try to be elastic in that way.”

There’s no way to know if Wilmore’s new show will click and it wouldn’t do much good asking him. He describes himself as a realist optimist which means he likes to hope for the best but expect the worst. 

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