Kim Cattrall has faith in new FOX series ‘Filthy Rich’

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Kim Cattrall stars in the new FOX series “Filthy Rich.” (Photo courtesy of FOX)

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (KGET) — It is a very small victory but a win none the less for the makers of the new FOX drama series “Filthy Rich.” At the beginning of the year, the plan was for the primetime soap opera to be dropped in as a summer series. Then the pandemic hit and the network began scrambling to find programming to create a fall season lineup.

That’s when “Filthy Rich” moved to the 9 p.m. Sept. 21 launch date. This gives the new show the attention new season series get that summer programs don’t.

The series looks at a Southern family where wealth, power and religion come crashing together. The Monreauxes are a mega-rich Southern family internationally known for creating a wildly successful Christian television network. Everything ends up in turmoil when the family’s patriarch, Eugene (Gerald McRaney), dies in a plane crash.

That leaves the family matriarch, Margaret (Kim Cattrall) to take over the family business. At the same time she is dealing with company matters, Margaret must face new threats to her religion-based empire from family members including three illegitimate children.

Cattrall comes to this series with a long list of acting credits including “Big Trouble in Little China,” “Mannequin,” “The Ghost Writer,” “Police Academy: and “Meet Monica Velour” but she is best known for her role as Samantha on “Sex and the City.” For her work on the hit cable series, Cattrall picked up a Golden Globe, two Screen Actors Guild Awards and five Emmy Award nominations.

She finds the role in “Filthy Rich” is giving her the broadest acting colors to play of any work she’s done. It’s a big challenge for her.

“I don’t come from the South.  I was not raised in a religious household.  All of these new aspects to this character for me, but it was a wonderful opportunity to sort of take that magical (idea) if I was this person, if I was filthy rich, if I had a family, if I had children,” Cattrall, who grew up in Canada, says. “All of those questions were open‑ended, and the script was a one‑off in the sense it was dealing with very serious topics and questions about faith and family and secrets.  It just felt new and fresh, and I wanted to take this journey

“I think all of those colors are the truth in any person, maybe slightly heightened or exaggerated for entertainment value.  But I love ‘Filthy Rich’ because it was one of those projects where I hadn’t seen this character before, and there’s something addictive about doing a character or a show that you haven’t seen before.  You feel slightly like a pioneer of sorts in delving into this world.”

Cattrall was so intrigued by the series she not only signed on to star but also is a producer. Her previous producing work was for the Canadian series “Sensitive Skin,” a job that brought her back to work after a short hiatus.

The reason Cattrall has taken on producing duties is that she finds this gives her more of a voice when it comes to decisions made about the production. The new duties have created a learning curve for Cattrall but it’s one she embraces.

Series creator Tate Taylor (who directed “The Help” and “The Girl on the Train”) knew Cattrall was the person to play the role because she was the least likely person to play a Southern matriarch, billionaire Christian.

Taking on the role in “Filthy Rich” means that Cattrall could end up playing the character for numerous years. She found with “Sex and the City” that playing a character for a long period of time begins to blur the line for the public between the actor and the role.

It’s a problem she was very willing to face.

“That’s the wonderful thing about playing a character over a longer period of time than just a movie or a special or doing a play of it is that it really gets more and more involved,” Cattrall says. “The mixing of those two characters, and then suddenly people start calling you Margaret or they’re so identified with it, and finding out those secrets, continually discovering has really been a joy.”

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