John Rhys-Davies in orbit over being part of ‘G-LOC’

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John Rhys-Davies stars in the new sci-fi release “G-LOC.”(Photo courtesy of Lionsgate)

(KGET) — John Rhys-Davies has 270 TV and film credits. His work ranges  from massive blockbusters such as “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” to his new release “G-LOC,”” a sci-fi film available on DVD, digital platforms and On Demand starting Aug. 11.

The Welsh actor has amassed that long list of jobs because of one simple philosophy.

“Acting is a muscle and if you don’t want to lose it, use it,” Rhys-Davies says. “Some actors are very privileged and will have the best scripts sent their way. Actors like me like to look at the strings and the sticks on the floor and then say ‘Oh, let’s see if we can try and make a nice picture out of it’.”

And, he has been exercising his acting muscles with a fury in recent years. “G-LOC” is one of eight movies Rhys-Davies has worked on that will be opening soon. In his new sci-fi offering, he stars with Stephen Moyer (“True Blood”) and Casper Van Dien (“Starship Troopers”) in this story set in a world where humans are pitted against one another for survival.

Earth is freezing out of existence and the end is near. Earthlings are leaving through a mysterious gate in space. While much of the action takes place on a spacecraft with a dead crew hurtling toward disaster, Rhys-Davies plays one of the last humans on the planet. His character reflects the world around him as he also is in the final stages of his life and has seen more and more people he loves leave him.

“I tried to make the character as a representative of a little part of humanity,” Rhys-Davies says. “I am rather fond of mankind. We are a pretty marvelous species.

“I have found that over the years in some senile declining way that I like people more and more.”

His love of people and desire to keep acting are why Rhys-Davies has built up such a broad variety of credits. Along with his well-known work as Sallah in the “Indiana Jones” movies, Rhys-Davies was in the “Lord of the Ring” trilogy and the James Bond movie “The Living Daylights.”

The entire budget for “G-LOC” wouldn’t have made a dent in the big bucks spent on the blockbusters. That’s just never been a factor for Rhys-Davies.

“I love science fiction and I like working with young directors especially those with real ideas and drive and energy,” Rhys-Davies says. “I also love working with young actors I have not worked with before.

“I like problem solving. I like getting up in the morning and going to work thinking how is this strange bunch of people going to work together to make something that will entertain and perhaps stir a bit of thought and imagination.”

He adds that if he waited for the great roles to come, he would probably work only once every 10 years.

“G-LOC” fulfilled one big part of the acting equation for Rhys-Davies as the script was smart and dealt with a lot of serious issues. He liked that the film reflects a lot of the situations that are going on with immigration through a more intergalactic prism.

Writing is very important to Rhys-Davies. He looks back at his days on the TV series “Sliders” with sadness because the writers didn’t take advantage of the show’s premise of a group of travelers who could visit different versions of the same world. Instead of dealing with a serious topic in multiple ways he saw the writers just take ideas from popular films as script ideas.

He has found good writing in a variety of ways including a large amount of work as a voice talent. He has provided the voices of Cassim in “Aladdin and the King of Thieves,” Ranjan’s father in “The Jungle Book 2,” Macbeth in “Gargoyles,” Man Ray in “SpongeBob SquarePants,” Hades in “Justice League” and Tobias in the computer game “Freelancer.”

“I love being on screen. I love being on stage as well. But, it doesn’t matter. There are few actors you can say are major artists but there are some bloody wonderful craftsmen,” Rhys-Davies says. “It’s the fun of doing things or saying yes to things I don’t know if I know how to do this.

“Giving it a try is what it’s all about.”

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