‘Honest Thief” tops limited DVD, Blu-ray release

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“Honest Thief” one of the few new DVD, Blu-ray releases this week. (Photo courtesy of Universal Studios)

(KGET) — There continues to be a shortage of movies that played in local theaters making their way to the DVD and Blu-ray market. Couple that with the period between Christmas and New Year’s Day traditionally being a slow release week and the entertainment options are limited.

“Honest Thief” Grade 2 ½ stars: Liam Neeson brings a particular set of skills to his latest effort. The 68-year-old Neeson’s latest role has him playing Tom Carter, a thief who has become known as the In and Out Bandit. He got the name because of his ability to rob a series of small-town banks of a total of $9 million without leaving a clue.

That changes when he meets Annie (Kate Walsh) and he decides to pay for his crimes. Carter calls the FBI to make a deal. He will turn in every penny of the $9 million if he can get a reduced sentence. He didn’t count on a pair of crooked agents (Jai Courtney, Anthony Ramos) who decide to keep the money.

This leads to a series of fights and car chances that have become a hallmark of many of Neeson’s movies. But, the pacing is a little slower as the story moves between the tale of redemption and the love story.

The real problem with “Honest Thief” are the unrealistic story elements as written by director Mark Williams (the co-creator of superb television series “Ozark”). He tries to make Carter both a bad and good guy and that doesn’t work.

Williams was smart in casting Neeson. Even as the story falls apart, he has such a powerful presence on screen that it is easy to be on his side even if he is a bad guy who thinks the world owes him something just because he has fallen in love.

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Still available through digital platforms

“Wonder Woman 1984” Grade 2 ½ stars: Even when the film stumbles in all of the writing and acting potholes, Gal Gadot is there to save the day. Can be seen through HBO Max.

“Soul” Grade 3 stars: The latest offering from Pixar poses deep questions about life, death and music. Features the voice work of Jamie Foxx and Tina Fey. It is available through the streaming service of Disney+.

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