‘Forever Purge’ carves out spot among entertainment options

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Dylan Tucker (Josh Lucas) faces the deadly consequences of “The Forever Purge.” (Photo courtesy of Universal Pictures)

There will be a long list of movies released in October to get everyone in the Halloween spirit. A film from a popular horror genre is getting the jump of the rest.

“The Forever Purge” Grade 2 stars: Since the release of “The Purge” in 2013, the films have focused on tension more than violence. The chief concept behind the films has been that there is a time limit to the violence. All criminal acts are OK but only within a 12-hour timeframe. Having a finite period forces the viewer to be more concerned about watching the clock than focusing on the acts of violence.

“The Forever Purge” does away with that time deadline. Without it and the deep tension it creates, the latest “Purge” film is left with nothing to separate it from the bloody stream of mundane movies in the genre. What has replaced this clever plot approach is a thinly veiled attempt to capitalize on the tensions currently gripping this country.

This 180-degree turn in concept isn’t the aftermath of someone taking over the franchise that director James DeMonaco had cultivated so well as the director of the first three films and the writer of all five movies. DeMonaco made the decision to create the script that guts the production of all originality.

The other “Purge” films often dipped into elements of social satire with politics, religion and social status. There was a broader approach to the kinds of ills of the world that would make anyone accept a situation as the sanctioned committing of crimes.

DeMonaco’s script for “The Forever Purge” ignores any subtle attempt at presenting a message and goes for the blatant and obvious. The fact there have been five films and a TV series based on the concept finally shows that it is time to take a break.

“The Forever Purge” director Everardo Gout does the best he can with the lackluster story he has been given. But, the elimination of the time frame that made the “Purge” films work so well keeps it from rising any higher. In its present form, “The Forever Purge” is proof it is time to purge the franchise.

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