‘Fatman’ offers fun version of holiday entertainment

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Mel Gibson stars in twisted holiday film “Fatman.” (Photo courtesy of Saban Films)

(KGET) — The selection of new entertainment options are a little limited after Thanksgiving.  Here are a few of your options.

“Fatman” Grade 3 ½ stars: This film recently became available through digital platforms like Video on demand and it definitely should be on your radar. It’s the best movie featuring a crusty Santa Claus since the release of “Bad Santa.”

Mel Gibson takes on the role of the “fatman” that is a very modern version of the holiday icon. The super-efficient business Chris Cringle (Gibson) is running in the snowy north is having financial problems. This might be the last year for Santa to make his global deliveries.

That’s when the military comes to his assistance. Cringle is offered a major government contract that would take only a couple of months but fund his gift-giving business for the year. Je reluctantly agrees.

At the same time, a disgruntled 12-year-old boy who got coal as a gift has hired a hitman (Walton Goggins) to kill Santa. It is the ultimate act of revenge that leads to a battle between those who are naughty and nice that rivals “Die Hard.”

Gibson’s grumpy performance (his best work in years) coupled with a smart script by directors Ian Nelms and Eshom Nelms make this a fun holiday production. It has its dark moments but this look at the holidays is so original that the darkness just adds to the fun factor.

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