Dia Frampton faces her fears with ‘I Hate New Year’s’

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Dia Frampton (left) stars in “I Hate New Year’s.” (Photo courtesy Tello Films)

(KGET) — Dia Frampton plays a rising music star who has started to doubt her own creative abilities in “I Hate New Year.” She makes one last ditch effort to discover the inspiration by returning to her home in Nashville.

It was easy for Frampton to take on the role of a popular musician having achieved success through a runner-up spot on the inaugural season of the music competition season of “The Voice” and with the success as lead singer in the band Meg & Dia. She also could relate to the insecurities her character had to face.

“I was speaking with a friend after I got this role and I was freaking out,” Frampton says. “I didn’t know what I was going to do. I had imposter syndrome. I felt like I was going to be fired at any second.

“My friend told me that this character is so uncertain – I am her. She said I have always second guessed myself and not been really sure where I belong. She said that’s the character.”

Part of the insecurities for Frampton came from “I Hate New Year’s” being the biggest acting role she has faced. Before taking on the lead in the romantic comedy, she had done smaller roles on “Criminal Minds” and “Blank Pages” plus films such as “The Crooked Man” and “Maybe I’m Fine.”

Frampton laughs and says that in the past she has been the person who would show up to work for a day or two on a project. In keeping with her musical background, such an acting movie is like going from a backup singer to the lead in a band.

“It’s scary because all of a sudden it is you who has to carry everything,” Frampton says. “I would feel that stress on tour with the band. There is something about being the lead of the band that made me feel responsible for everything and everyone.

“I am not sure if that is true but it is something I put on myself – maybe subconsciously.”

She had to learn quickly when filming of “I Hate New Year’s” started that she had to let go of those feelings because they can be an actor’s worst enemy. It was important for Frampton to learn to relax and concentrate on what is happening in the scene.

 “I Hate New Year’s” was a good way for Frampton to move into a starring role as it gave her the opportunities to both act and sing. She found having the songs to perform had their good aspects even when they felt wrong.

“Scenes like the one where I am sitting on the couch with an acoustic guitar, that is what I do every day. That made me feel comfortable,” Frampton says. “I feel like the opening song where I am dancing and it is me in L.A., I was like ‘I don’t know.’

“Christin, the director, asked me how I feel. I said I feel really uncomfortable. She said that was perfect because that’s the way the character is supposed to feel at the beginning of the movie.”

Frampton knows what it feels like to be uncomfortable. Her success on “The Voice” wasn’t a career plan by the Utah native. She only auditioned to be on the show after a suggestion by her manager. Frampton’s felt some anxiety going through the judging but is happy she went through the experience to help her with her music career.

Frampton did feel comfortable working on location. The film takes place on a New Year’s Eve night in Nashville and so director Christin Baker shot “I Hate New Year’s” in Nashville just before the quarantine. Working in the city so well known for music was a joy for Frampton. She describes a musician going to Nashville from Los Angeles is like an actor going from L.A. to New York.

“People always say New York is where real actors want to go. They don’t care about fame and celebrity,” Frampton says. “The true artists go there while L.A. is very superficial. The same thing goes for musicians in Nashville.”

 “I Hate New Year’s” is available starting Dec.4 through digital platforms such as Video on Demand. It can also be seen on the Tello Network.

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