Clare Kramer, David Magidoff share passions with ‘Fanaddicts’

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Clare Kramer and David Magidoff are the hosts of the new podcast “Fanaddicts.” (Photo courtesy of Roddenberry Entertainment)

(KGET) — Tony Hale – who has acting credits ranging from “Veep” to being the voice of Forky in the Disney+ series “Forky Asks a Question” – has a passion for indoor malls. That’s not the kind of information you will find in a publicist’s biography or in a normal celebrity interview.

It is the kind of insight that will drive the new “Fanaddicts” podcast scheduled to launch April 22. It will be available on Apple Podcasts and everywhere podcasts are available. The new production comes from Roddenberry Entertainment, the company that turned “Star Trek” into an intergalactic phenomenon.

Hosts Clare Kramer (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer”) and David Magidoff (“The Morning Show”) will chat each week with a different celebrity about their passions. What the celebrities have fixated on include woodworking, puppetry, baking bread and indoor malls.

The one thing that won’t be discussed is the celebrity’s latest movie, TV show, book or concert tour. The hosting duo will leave that kind of chatter to the more traditional interview sources.

“One of the things that I think was attractive to the talent to come on the show is they don’t have to talk about their careers,” Kramer says. “There are no talking points and press points. It is totally refreshing for the talent – we found – to come on and talk about something they are really, really passionate about other than their careers.”

Putting Kramer and Magidoff together doesn’t appear on the surface to be a natural teaming. The photo released promoting the show looks like a nerd discovering he will be taking the homecoming queen to the prom because she lost a bet. But, the chemistry was there the moment they started talking together.

How they became a hosting team was a matter of perfect timing. Magidoff had approached executives at Rodenberry Entertainment with the idea of a podcast where people talk about their special interests. He was told that idea was already in the works but had not been launched.

“They said it was with Clare Kramer and that sounded awesome,” Magidoff says. “Clare has a bazillion fans and I have a few fans and between the two of us, we get what fans like. We all can relate. In the same way everybody poops, we are all fans of something.

“For me it’s very simple. I love that people love things.”

Kramer considers Magidoff to be the perfect co-host for her because she tends to get deeply involved with whatever subject is being discussed. Magidiff brings a very different perspective to the more nuts-and-bolts approach Kramer uses.

“He is more able to look at what the fanatical subject is and dial it back and take it back to the childhood. It is a really interesting path that we go down together,” Kramer says. “With his ability to sense where the passion originally came from and then with my own fanaticism, we are a great team.”

They have been able to find that connecting despite the limitations created by the pandemic. They are not in the same room when doing the interviews but because of Zoom they can still get the same facial and body cues from each other and the guests.

That process has been working so well that they have already produced enough podcasts to cover almost six months after the launch. Among the guests who will be talking about their favorite additions will be Abigail Spencer, Phil LaMarr, Greg Grunberg, Katee Sackhoff, J. August Richards, Leonard Maltin and Danielle Fishel.

Rounding up guests has been easy for the pair. Both Kramer and Magidoff reached out to people they know to invite them to come on the podcast to chat.

Chatting with celebrities is nothing new for Kramer as she has hosted other interview podcasts including “Take Five with Clare Kramer” and “5 by 5.” Add to that, Kramer has had a host of jobs as a moderator for panels at comic conventions and reported for CNN, “Access Hollywood” and E!.

She’s done all that chatting while continuing an acting career that started with being a spokesperson for Wendy’s when she was a child. The Atlanta native is best known her roles as the vengeful goddess Glory on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”

Magidoff’s past work has included “Veronica Mars,” “NCIS: Los Angeles,” “The Morning Show” and as the host of MTV’s “Broke A$$ Game Show.” He’s currently working on Showtime’s revival of “Dexter.”

One thing the hosts agree on is that Roddenberry Entertainment is the perfect home for a show that embraces fans. The company has always worked to bring fans and what they are passionate about together.

Trevor Roth, head of Roddenberry Entertainment, says, “Working in the worlds of science fiction, comic-cons and genre entertainment for as long as we have, it’s become quite clear that fandom is universal. Every person out there, even the famous ones, know what it is to love something the way our fans love Star Trek. ‘Fanaddicts’ is just our way of shining a light on that truth, and finding the unity of that shared experience.” 

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