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BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Bakersfield resident Lindsay Bloom decided 30 years ago – after having a starring role in the series “The New Mike Hammer” – that she wanted to take a break from acting. Except for working with her husband – Mayf Nutter – on the 1999 film “Grizzly Adams and the Legend of Dark Mountain,” Bloom has concentrated on raising a family and working in marketing.

That changed two years ago when she was approached by writer/director Sue Ann Taylor in regards to a role in her family-friendly film “Charlie’s Christmas Wish.” Bloom almost missed the opportunity to be in the film because the offer came through her Facebook fan page.

“I don’t have an agent and wasn’t looking for work. I was looking at my fan page and saw all these messages,” Bloom says. “A lady had sent me a message asking me if I still did movies and would I take a look at her script because she had a part she thought I would be right for.

“I saw she had sent this a month ago and thought ‘Oh no. They probably have already filmed it.’”

Work had not started and despite the delay, Bloom ended up agreeing to take on the role of Mayor Aurora joining a cast that also includes Diane Ladd, Dirk Benedict and John O’Hurley.

Her work can be seen as there will be a special screening of the film at Grace Assembly of God, 2800 Larson Lane, at 6:30 p.m. Dec. 16. Admission is free. The screenings will be set up to allow for social distancing. Bloom will be in attendance at the screening.

The film deals with what happens when Sgt. Major John Frost (Aiden Turner) returns home a month early after his final deployment. His wife (Toni Hudson) and their son are too busy to give him a proper welcome. Frost turns to his fellow vets for support but ends up becoming a savior for one of the veterans with the help of a small dog who gets her assignments from God.

A major selling point of the film for Bloom was the story of the veterans as she has been a major advocate for the military.

“I have done a lot of work for veterans over the years and so this was a natural job for me. It’s a great family film. Perfect for Christmas,” Bloom says. “It will bring some joy to families in this time when we didn’t know how challenging things would be.

“It is a very heart-felt story that has a very positive and uplifting ending.”

Despite the long hiatus, Bloom found it very easy to slip back into acting when she arrived on the set in Canton, Ga. The process was made even easier because of the family nature of the project.

The acting job did mean Bloom had to take a break from her regular job with a marketing firm based in Torrance. She’s on the road a lot offering marketing help to 60 clients who are spread from Fresno to Lancaster to Santa Barbara.

Bloom, a Nebraska native, got into acting after a successful career in beauty pageants including being named Miss USA in 1972. That was followed by roles on “Emergency!,” “Wonder Woman,” “Starsky & Hutch,” “The Love Boat” and “Dallas.”

Along with her work on “Mike Hammer,” Bloom is best known for the three years she was on “The Dukes of Hazzard” as Mabel Tillingham. She left Hollywood and acting behind to have a normal family life and after living in Lake Isabella eventually moved to Bakersfield in 2002.

“I’m from Omaha, Nebraska and my husband is from West Virginia. We wanted to raise our kids out in the country. We wanted them to have a normal childhood and not some Hollywood weird deal,” Bloom says. “I didn’t want some nanny raising my children.”

Bloom’s work in “Charlie’s Christmas Wish” could be the start of a second part to her acting career now that her children are older. She is looking at other options that would get her back in front of the cameras once the industry begins to get back in gear.

“Charlie’s Christmas Wish” was intended for a theatrical release by Lionsgate but that was stalled because movie theaters have been closed due to the pandemic. If you can not attend the public screening, “Charlie’s Christmas Wish” will be available through Hulu and other digital platforms plus via DVD.

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