Bakersfield’s Christian Ganiere has attended numerous entertainment conventions over the years. Being at this year’s Bakersfield Collector-Con will be a very different experience for him as he is not just attending but will be at the two-day event set for the Mechanics Bank Arena as one of the special guests.

“I am super excited. I have been going to Comic-Con and all types of cons since I was 4. I am excited with the Bakersfield Collector-Con to meet fans and have a whole lot of fun with my friends,” Ganiere says. “Comic cons are pretty different now that I am going there for a different reason.

“But, it is definitely cool to be on the other side of it and have new experiences.”

The local actor will have plenty to share during the con set for Aug. 13 and 14. Despite his young age, Ganiere has amassed a strong acting resume that ranges from television commercials to appearances on “9-1-1,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Criminal Minds,” “Days of Our Lives,” “The Bay” and “About a Boy.”

His film credits include “Rekindling Christmas” and “No More Goodbyes.” Later this year, Ganiere is scheduled to star in a horror movie where he will get to play the villain.

He points to his time working on “Days of Our Lives” as being a fertile ground to learn his craft. Films can take months to shoot and most TV shows take between 7 to 10 days to film one episode. A one-hour episode of a daytime drama films in one day.

“It was definitely different,” Ganiere says of his daytime experience. “Instead of having 20 takes for one scene, you get two takes. You get the rehearsal and then you get the take. You literally get one try and you’re done.”

Ganiere has put together a very eclectic group of acting jobs but the one role that stands out is his portrayal of Number 10 in the extremely popular streaming service series “Stranger Things.” The series follows a group of young people in the ‘80s who split their time between normal activities like playing Dungeons & Dragons and fighting beasts from the Upside Down realm.

In the series that he considers the biggest break in his career so far, Ganiere plays one of the subjects of secret testing in the super-secret underground facility of the Hawkins Laboratory. Ganiere loves any and all acting but landing the role on “Stranger Things” was particularly satisfying because he was a huge fan of the Netflix series long before his casting.

“I was introduced to it by my parents because they lived in the ‘80s and played D & D. Since that’s part of the show I thought that was pretty cool,” Ganiere says. “I watched it and loved it.

“I was amazing to be able to go on set and be part of the show that I have been watching and admiring.”

Now he’s part of it. Because the fourth season featured numerous scenes set in the secret bunker, Ganiere had the chance to work a lot.

Ganiere anticipates those who talk to him at the local convention will want to know if he will be able to reprise his role for the next season of “Stranger Things.” Those who saw the most reason season know that a deadly event at the facility made it appear that there is no future for Number 10.

There is no way Ganiere can talk about specifics of his future with the series. But, the young actor laughs and suggests that anything is possible because the fate of his character was not necessarily definitive. And, the series has not hesitated to use flashbacks when needed.

One thing those who talk to Ganiere at the local convention will learn is that his getting into acting was very natural. Along with his three sisters who became actors, his father is the Emmy-nominated director and producer James Ganiere. And, mother, Rebekah R. Ganiere, is an Emmy nominee who is a bestselling and award-winning writer.

“I got very lucky that I got to try acting at a very young age,” Ganiere says. ‘Now I know that is what I want to do for the rest of my life.”

Also scheduled to attend the Bakersfield Collector-Con are Leilani Shiu, Tom Cook, Bob Elmore, Tait Fletcher, David Roman and Jamie Sullivan.

The two-day event – set to start at 11 a.m. each day – is a celebration of pop culture that will feature vendors, a cosplay contest, special guests and more. After being canceled and scaled down in recent years due to the pandemic, the event will be in full swing this year.

Admission to the Bakersfield Collector-Con is $9 on Saturday and $5 on Sunday. There is no charge for children 8 years old and younger.