Angélica Vale fell in love with ‘La Máscara del Amor’

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Angelica Vale enjoys being the host of “The Mask of Love.” (Photo courtesy of Estrella TV)

(KGET) — Mexican-American actress, singer, comedian, and radio personality Angélica Vale has seen a steady stream of contestants as the host of the Estrella TV dating series “La Máscara del Amor” (The Mask of Love). She’s seen those who have come on the show to look for love. She’s also seen those who came for the love of money.

After watching male, female and same sex couples in all the episodes, it would seem logical to assume she would be able to spot those looking for love with ease.

“Not at all,” Vale says with a huge laugh. “When I first see them I am totally lost. Sometimes I know when the dates are going on that I begin to notice some things. If they say too much good stuff that is too good to be true I think this one may be there for the money and not for love.

“I have no clue. I am really the worst.”

The good thing for Vale is she does not have to make the final decision for the dating show that airs 9 p.m. weeknights on the Spanish-language channel. It’s up to one contestant to decide which of a group of five masked suitors would make a good love connection. Some want love. Others just want the cash prize at the end of the show.

Decisions are made based on dating challenges where Vale serves as a mentor and confidant to players who must decide among the suitors. Vale is confident she was selected to be the host because she is so willing to speak her mind.

“I have no filter. I say whatever I want,” Vale says with another huge laugh. “I have been in show business since I was 3 years old. For me being on TV comes naturally to me.

“That’s the beauty of this show and why I am having such a good time with it because I can say whatever I want. I try to tell them my point of view. Sometimes they hear me and sometimes they don’t.”

One of the more difficult parts of the hosting job is when a contestant wants to desperately find love and that doesn’t happen. She can vividly remember the disappointment felt by the very first contestant when love didn’t come her way.

Vale initially rejected the idea of being part of the dating show because she has never been a fan of programs where the goal is to find an everlasting love. She finally agreed to be the host when they explained this program was not designed to make a permanent match but just a springboard for dating to see if they might fall in love.

The dating part of the show is something Vale can appreciate as she recalls going through the process before she found her true love. That gives her a little insight into why so many people are willing to try to find love in front of millions of TV viewers.

“It is a little desperation. Don’t get me wrong, I was there before I got married,” Vale says. “If someone had told me then there was this show where you might find love, I would have definitely thought about it.

“And now, with COVID, it is hard to meet someone.”

Vale fell in love with the show but it would have been easy for her to have said no because the multitalented artist has enough work as an actor, singer, playwright and voice over actor to keep her busy. She has appeared in more than 30 theatrical productions and nine feature films. Her more than 250 television credits throughout Latin America and the U.S. include the telenovela “La Fea Más Bella,” Mexico’s version of “Ugly Betty.”

Whether it is hosting a dating show or slipping into a character for a movie or TV production, Vale is equally happy.

“I am comfortable being myself but I can go and be another character. It is fun to play someone who has nothing to do with you or the way you think. It is amazing because you have to really understand that character,” Vale says. “I love that people let me be myself. A lot of actors don’t have that opportunity because I love to do both.”

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