AEW power couple subject of ‘Rhodes to the Top’

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Cody (left) and Brandi Rhodes are the subjects of the new TNT reality series “Rhodes to the Top.” (Photo courtesy of Warner Media)

The word “family” comes up a lot with the All Elite Wrestling (AEW) power couple of Cody and Brandi Rhodes. They use the word when talking about the type of entertainment they want to present through their professional wrestling empire. It’s also the way they talk about everyone who is part of the company.

One of the most important ways they discuss family is with their own lives. Cody is the son of the legendary Dusty Rhodes and brother to Dustin Rhodes while Brandi has just given birth to what could be the third generation of professional wrestlers with the Rhodes name.

The family matters of the pair are a major part of the new TNT series “Rhodes to the Top.” The reality series offers a look inside the lives of Cody and Brandi as they navigate their growing family while building AEW’s global wrestling empire.

The series launches at 10 p.m. Sept. 29 on TNT.

“I’ve witnessed firsthand the passion and dedication that Cody and Brandi put into every facet of their life and know how much that plays an instrumental role in the success and expansion of AEW,” Sam Linsky, Co-Head of Scripted for TBS, TNT and truTV, says. “Now the world will get an inside look at how they balance their personal wrestling careers, their training center, and their executive roles at AEW as they venture into one of the most intimidating chapters of life, parenthood.”

The family life of Cody and Brandi started when they got married in 2013, long before the AEW was founded in 2019. It has quickly become the second largest professional wrestling company in the world behind the WWE.

Cody serves as the Executive Vice President of the AEW.  In addition to serving as EVP at AEW, Cody is a two-time TNT Champion and has been involved in some of the biggest matches in AEW history.

In addition to serving as EVP at AEW, Cody is also a judge on TBS’ most extreme reality competition series “Go-Big Show.” He credits that show with helping him understand how to be himself in front of the cameras unlike the persona he takes on with the wrestling telecasts.

Brandi, who handles the role of Chief Brand Officer with AEW,  is the first Black woman to hold an executive position in a professional wrestling company. Becoming a new mom will not take Brandi away from the professional wrestling family she loves.

“Having Liberty has not changed my perception of my own passion. If anything, it has shown me that I want to keep on the path of my passion because I want her to be as passionate about something as I found myself herein wrestling,” Brandi says. “It took me a good 27 years to find that. I hope she finds her passion more quickly because it’s great once you find that and feel validated in that.”

Brandi loves the path of professional wrestling for herself. She doesn’t plan on pushing her daughter to step into the ring but wants her to pick her own path. If that happens to be in wrestling, that will be OK as long as she makes the decision on her own.

The reason Brandi wants her daughter to make up her own mind is that she has seen the good and the bad of the professional wrestling world. It has been a profession that has given her great opportunities but there has been a price to pay.

“The biggest surprise to me about wrestling is how just engrossed you become in it, not only as a talent but as a fan,” Brandi says. “As an executive I think it’s even more – and I don’t want to say worse because it’s not a bad thing – but I’m so consumed by wrestling.

“If you would have told me 15 years ago ‘This is what your life is going to be and this is what you’re going to think about when you go to bed at night and when you wake up in the morning, and when you’re in the gym and when you’re eating,’ it is my entire life. I think it’s a good thing, but some people might say that I need to talk to somebody about that.”

That’s the kind of discussions viewers will see with “Rhodes to the Top” as each 30-minute episode will take viewers behind the scenes as the powerhouse couple manage their busy lives inside and outside the ring. Having cameras follow their every move has not been a problem because both have been part of the reality television of professional wrestling for years.

“Since the late 1960s, the Rhodes family has been in one spotlight or another,” Cody says. “People think they know us, but this show is the first true look behind the curtain and beyond the ring.”

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